Top Tips to Study for the CPA Exam

The CPA examination is one of the toughest exams out there. This can be seen by the pass rate, with only half of those taking it making the grade for a pass. If you have your heart set on writing the CPA exam, it is going to demand a lot more from you than regular exam preparation. To help you stand a better chance of passing, whether this is your first time or a re-write, we have put together some top tips for success.

Top Tips to Study for the CPA Exam

Take a Practice CPA Test

There is no better way to assess your exam readiness for the CPA than by taking a practice test. This free resource is available at this link. Results are swiftly available and will highlight the areas where you need more preparation as well as telling you which sections you already know well.

Create a Study Plan

The key to success starts with CPA preparation. Once you have the results of your free practice exam and have identified which sections you need to study, divide these into those that require more study time and those that need less. Also,take into account the volume of work you need to study for each section. Determine how many study sessions you need. Allocate time for breaks, as set downtime after each study period actually increases your recall of information. Now, divide the work into the available study periods. Once you have a plan, stick to it. Allow a session or two a week for revising more difficult work.

Prepare Your Family and Friends

The one thing you cannot afford is a disruption of your study schedule. Explain this to your friends and family so that they know to count you out of any plans to socialize until after you have taken the CPA exam. You are likely to be pressed for time to make proper nutritious meals so see if you can arrange for someone to drop off healthy meals and snacks or take your laundry. With an efficient support team, you will have a better chance of productive and uninterrupted study time. You need to be able to stand firm on this.


You need to take good care of yourself as this will keep your brain operating at its peak. Make time for exercise. Have a set bedtime and stick to it; make sure you get the number of hours sleep you need to perform well. Not doing these things will leave you physically unable to do your best.

Get a Mentor and Join a CPA Study Group

A mentor who has passed the CPA exam will be able to give you useful tips, such as study methods.They will also encourage you when you start to doubt yourself. Additionally, find a CPA study group. Discussion can help you understand difficult parts of the work. This shouldn’t replace your study schedule, which is based on the areas that you identified as needing more intense study.

You can succeed if you follow these tips and remain committed to the work required to pass the exam.

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