Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

One of the hardest things about Thanksgiving activities with kids is the different age levels of kids. The best thing you can do is find easy Thanksgiving activities that can be done with a variety of ages.

Here are some examples of easy Thanksgiving activities that you can do with kids of all ages.

thanksgiving activities for kids


1. Potato turkeys

This project requires a little bit more work if you are doing it with younger kids, but is still easy enough. You can cut out colorful feathers from construction paper ahead of time or you can have the children cut out the feathers once you have traced the shape onto the construction paper. Once the feathers have been cut out each child will need to glue two feathers to a toothpick, the feathers need to be facing each other so the toothpick is sandwiched in the middle. Once the glue has dried have the kids stick the toothpicks into the back of the potato to form the feathers of the turkey. You can make the turkey head, along with the waddle the same way you did the feathers. Once that has dried place it in the front of the potato if you want googly eyes on your turkey glue those onto the head before you place the head into the potato.

2. Slice of Pie

Thanksgiving is just not the same without a slice of pumpkin pie. This simple art project allows children to make their own slice of pumpkin pie, which is nice for those kids who don’t enjoy eating it. For this project, you will need to cut a paper plate into eighths, just as you would a pie. You can use crayons, markers, or paint for this project, depending on how old the kids are. You want to begin by painting or coloring the edge of the plate brown. Then paint or color the rest of the paper plate orange. If using paint, while it is still wet sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice on it. If using crayons lightly spread some clear glue onto the paper plate and sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice on. To finish the slice of pie once everything has dried glue a cotton ball to the top of the plate.

3. Indian corn

Using white construction paper, you will need to draw two corncob shapes. Have the kids cut out the shapes, while you are popping some popcorn? How much popcorn you pop depends on how many kids are doing the project and how much gets eaten while doing the project. While the popcorn is cooling off you will want to staple the two corncobs together at the top, but spread the bottom apart. Inside of a Ziploc bag you want to place yellow, red, and brown tempera paint, one color per bag. Place a small amount of popcorn into each bag and mix until it is the popcorn is the right color. Glue the popcorn to the corncobs. To finish the project once the glue has dried staple real cornhusks to the top of the corncobs.

4. Clay Turkey

Using Model Magic clay, you want to create a ball that is about the size of an orange. Draw on the ball with markers to add some color, mash the colors in to create a marbleized look. Using a small wooden spoon, which you can find at a craft store, place the spoon into one end of the ball, and then stick in five-colored feathers at the other end. Using a fine point black marker add detail to make the turkey’s face.

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