10 Woodworking ideas for beginners

Woodworking is an exciting and enjoyable hobby, especially if you like bringing ideas into reality to add to your home and DIY collection. Woodworking is also a great pastime you can enjoy to pass the time.

It is undeniable that woodworking, DIY, and building tasks range from small to massive projects. But you can start where your skills are. Although it takes expertise to get a perfect finish, don’t hesitate to create something today and build your first woodworking project. Everyone has to start somewhere. Remember that experts once started as beginners and later improved their skills. As a beginner, you must also invest in quality and durable tools to help make your woodworking project a success. You can explore your options on trusted tool review sites like BestOfMachinery to make sure you only buy the best for your needs.

Woodworking ideas for beginners

Lists of woodworking ideas for beginners that you might want to try out

1) Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great way to organize that you might want to add in your room. This DIY project is suitable for a beginner. Aside from the books that it can store, you can also use it as a shelf or put extra things on to give your room a neat look.

2) Desk

Desks are helpful furniture you can have in the home and office. A desk is needed everywhere but they are a versatile and straightforward DIY project that even a beginner can build. A desk can later get used for reading, writing, and doing academic or professional tasks.

3) Table


While a desk is suitable for a single person in the home or office, a table is its upgraded version made for two or more people to share. It is a challenging but easy DIY project that a beginner might want to consider as a first project to hone their woodworking skills.

4) Picture Frame

A picture frame is an exciting project for a beginner to work on. A picture frame can add to the wall design of a room by organizing those hidden pictures of yours. Explore different frame designs with this one to make it enjoyable.

5) Shoe Storage

 Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is a perfect project for a beginner to help organize a home entranceway. As they are beneficial to have next to your main door or entranceway to your family home visitors will use them when they are coming over. This project can give you access to your shoes easily when you need them and can help keep your carpet clean.

6) Step Stool

A step stool is a portable and useful tool every woodworker or DIY can make. A step can help people reach things on a high level and be a chair when you have to work on the floor. You might want to add it to your garage or kitchen if someone needs one to reach high things.

7) Hat or Jacket Rack

A hat or jacket rack is a functional yet straightforward woodworking project a beginner can start with. Design a stylish rack for your coat, jacket, or hat it can be placed anywhere in your home, and since it is a pretty easy job to do, its easy to start and finish.

8) Wooden Serving Tray

Wooden Tray

A wooden serving tray is an ideal project to add to your kitchen or dining table. You can have your first DIY serving tray to provide organization and smarter food serving in your household.

9) Shelves Behind the Door

The space behind your door is worthy of making into a usable space. A Shelve behind a door is the type of woodworking project that will satisfy you if you want smart usage of space. Store things behind your door, so you can quickly locate them when you need it.

10) Portable Small Bench

This project is ideal for adding in your garage or workshop if you want to give your back and feet a rest after work. A portable bench is a functional project that can serve many purposes other than letting you sit. Since it is movable, you can easily place it anywhere, whether you want fresh air outside or need something to put your things on.

Before you get started

Woodworking can offer you a lot of opportunities to find yourself. The ideas mentioned above are just some of the typical but essential projects every beginner should start. For your project to be successful, it would be best to consider the tools you will use as well. Some manufacturers are better than others and can provide you with a better quality tool that you can use for better results. Quality tools lead to excellent results.

Extra tip

When starting your first project, get a grasp of the right and wrong materials and tools to use, and the techniques for every task such as cutting, measuring, and joining, wood and metal. You will encounter dos and don’ts with woodworking when you start as you get the genuine experience of being a woodworker. Don’t underestimate what you can learn from small projects since it will become your foundation for even bigger projects later.

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