Pandemic and Homeschooling: A parent’s guide to entertainment

We are all in a never seen before months-long lockdown. The adults know how to act in such a situation because they are aware of the danger and the consequence. But the children do not have enough cognitive power to grasp knowledge. They feel they are being punished for something that is not their doing. They may throw fits from time to time. They want to go outside but they can’t. So, it is very important to keep them occupied and entertained. Read this article to find out more about how you can keep your children well behaved and entertained at the same time.

Pandemic and Homeschooling

TV Time: The most common mode of entertainment is TV. So, let them watch their favourite programme on TV. They may have their favourite cartoon series. So, let them watch their favourite show. They might also want to play common video games. That too should be allowed. Give them these forms of entertainment but in moderations. You must fix the time and do not let them use gadgets more than that allotted time. If there is no monitoring for their entertainment, they might soon be addicted to TV, kids show all the signs of addiction when they are hooked with certain forms of entertainment.

Books: Storybooks can be entertaining. Kids these days do not get to experience how fun and thrilling reading storybooks can be. So, purchase a lot of books for them. Since people are in a pandemic situation, you might not be able to go out there and buy books. Encourage your children to read e-books instead. You can browse through to explore various fascinating strategies to teach your children in a more structured manner. Kids may just fall in love with reading again. These e-books are designed for the little ones with compelling storylines and vibrating animations.

Cooking: Irrespective of the gender you kids should learn cooking. And this interest can be ignited now. Parents can introduce simple tricks and methods for cooking to the children. The parents must always supervise their every action as cooking that involves fire can be dangerous. But the kids can participate in simpler things, like mixing in the bowl, preparing fruit salads or helping the parent to freeze the ice- cream. This will help the kids be occupied. The whole family can eat the food that they made together. It is very important to praise the children for their effort no matter how the outcome is. Praising the children is an important step for their healthy mental growth.

Indoor Games: Let them play physical indoor games and practice exercises. Physical exercise is vital for anyone but it is especially important for kids. They can release their pent up energy by doing exercises. You can also introduce them to techniques of simple yoga. Kids will fall in love with a meditation once they realize the long term benefits of the same. If you have a little backyard, your kids may play in the backyard with their siblings.

Art: Kids should be allowed to showcase their creativity. They can make art and be appreciated for it. They can draw, paint or make things with clay. They can also choreograph a performance for their family members. In different forms, they express themselves when they are young. This is also another opportunity to find their interests and nurture them kindly.

It is very important to make the kids feel wanted and welcomed. They need constant emotional support from their loved ones. Since they cannot meet their friends physically, allow them to have a video conference with them once in a while to strengthen their connection with their peers.

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