Natalie Mariduena Age, Height, net worth, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Assistant to David dobrik, Natalie Mariduena has been one of the dedicated and beloved members of dobrik’s vlog squad team, not to mentioned to his roommate. Mariduena’s personality shines in the videos of Dobrik videos. These facts are about Natalie Mariduena will have followers swooning even more over her.

Mariduena has been adored by Dobrik since they were teenagers and were classmates at Vernon hills high school in Vernon hills.

Natalie Mariduena is actually Natalie noel socially. She is born on December first of 1996 in Vernon. Later she moved to Lake Forest, Illinois, and then she did her education from Lake Forest College and joined alpha Pi sorority. Added to all that she played collegiate soccer in college. She did her major in psychology and environmental study. She has two sisters back in Illinois and she is believed to be close to them.

Natalie Mariduena

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Natalie Mariduena Age, Height, net worth, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameNatalie Mariduena
Date of BirthDecember 1, 1996
Place of BirthVernon Hills, Illinois
ProfessionModel, Influencer
Age24 Years as of Jan 2021
Height165 cm
Weight55 – 60 kg
Net Worth400-500k $ estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – natalinanoel

Twitter – natalinanoel

Natalie Mariduena popularity in social media

As of September 2020, she has more than 4.1 million followers on Instagram, 2.8 million followers on TikTok, and around 600,000 followers on Twitter. Although she has so many followers, she does not have YouTube channels. Natalie got to prominence with popularity in 2017 when youtube star David Dobrik asked her to get down to Los Angeles and start working as his executive assistant.  Her popularity and performance got her the name of “vlog squad”. Natalie becomes one of the beloved parts of his vlogs. Fans of her grew because of her humor and her relatability and her loyalty to David and his work. She became quite popular on her Instagram account where she posted good and a broad variety of content. These range from lifestyle photos to food and its supplements as well as personal photos. People always admired her for her relatability and personality. Her personal life has always been in the spotlight. But she didn’t share that much about herself on social media. She dated Shawn nelson till 2018 when the couple broke up.

It was in 2020 when there stood rumors relating to her dating David. This rumor happened during the covid -19 pandemic and there was lockdown. Then David and Natalie addressed the rumors and then said that they were not true in any sense. David then posted it on a youtube video relating to their relationship. In the same video, he said that he has been hooking with Natalie. She comes on screen in the video and then moves on within their space. But they said that the rumors weren’t true.

Natalie Mariduena

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Back to youtube

In her recent interviews, Mariduena said that she does want to get back to her work with creating Youtube videos again, but for now she with Dobrik are focused on their latest projects which are one of the TV show for discovery and some filming contents for Tik Tok. During the week, Mariduena usually helps Dobrik on set as well as with attending meetings. In general, their schedule is quite less exciting than what they show in their four-minute vlogs. Other than these she has to get through a lot of emails, calls, and work sitting around and scrolling through social media.  The most favorite moment of her, that she declared was the day Dobrick married Lorraine Nash. She is the mother of vlog squad member Jason Nash. The marriage was completely a prank and this lasted about one month. Dobrik was the one who filmed the wedding and this took place in Hawaii with the video being watched by 12 million viewers.

Excellent performer

Whatever she does is excellently appreciable. She stands as an influencer for those who try to expand their businesses. Her work for brands on long-term partnerships and selling merchandise is incomparable. During the last December, Dobrik’s business branched out into the application world with the launch of “David’s disposable”. This is a photo app designed to mimic the experiences of using a disposable camera. This app further gained 2 million users in just two months and Meriduena is one of the integral parts of the team working with the launch of the new “more fleshed out” version called the disposable 2.0 by the end of the year.

Moving ahead, she is believed to love food, regardless of what is it. These can be burritos or just sipping one of the fanciest cocktails. She looks most adorable with her food posts on Instagram.

Natalie Mariduena is sporty

Apart from being active socially, she loved sports and is believed to be quite sporty. She played soccer at Lake Forest College. It was in the year 2016 when she helped the foresters achieve the fourth rank in the Midwest conference in scoring defense during the league play. This information is even available on the college’s athletic website. After graduation and hanging up with her soccer cleats, Mariduena remained active and she enjoys hiking with friends, riding bikes as well as exercising in the fresh air.

Now Mariduena stays in Los Angeles and still loves her home state’s team. She loves sports and outings irrespective of her rooting on bulls or cubs.

Personality and plans

Her personality is quite impressive and as a model to work on, she is planning better for 2021. Even though the pandemic has touched every life within balancing everyone’s work process. She still has some hope ahead with creating new videos and is sure enough to give them new vives ahead. Hope Natalie Mariduena brings on social media with some backup plans ahead and might also create new sensational videos that would be not just entertaining but at the same time would be hilarious in every aspect. These videos would give a run to live in the next moment. She earns well from the social media channel and her net worth is counted to be almost around USD $120 to 140 thousand.  Even Natalie confirmed officially that she and Todd smith are dating in an episode of Dobriks view podcast and her messages were quite hilarious as well. Finally, she declared her love and is going to have better future plans further.

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