Secrets to a successful marriage

The current world has become very competitive. Somehow we find ourselves lost in the race of becoming successful. Many of us have forgotten the happiness that comes from small gestures. This negligence also puts a lot of strain on a marital relationship. People are finding it hard to manage their marriages and hence the divorce rate is increasing constantly. You would be surprised to know that about 40 to 50% married couples ended their marriage with divorce. But don’t forget with continuous effort, a marriage can be saved. In this article, we bring to you, certain principles that will help you in creating and maintaining a successful marriage.

Secrets to a successful marriage


Communication and transparency are important aspects of marriage. If you are going through a stressful patch in life, then you must share your feelings with your spouse. Moreover, any conflicts with your spouse should also be discussed and resolved. If communication reduces, then there is no sharing of emotions, opinions, or feelings. This might make your spouse anxious and the differences between you both will increase. You can also think of attending marriage therapy sessions to learn different communicating techniques and resolve issues. So, communicate and share thoughts to make your marriage work.

Support one another

Happiness comes and goes. There will be times when you will be at the lower end of the cycle in your personal or professional life. This is the time when you both have to stand by one another. Most of the couples are unable to handle tough situations and hence their marriages fail. Good time always comes back, it’s just a matter of maintaining resilience by supporting one another. You will be able to sail through stressful times and overcome challenges together.

Be intimate

One of the major reasons for couples breaking apart is the reduction in sexual intimacy. Sex is an important factor in a relationship as it keeps the romance alive. If you are not giving enough attention to your spouse, then they might think that you are no longer attracted to him or her. The feeling of ‘being loved’ will vanish. Due to this reason, your relationship will take a toll. Either your libido has decreased or you are facing a sexual problem. The ideal solution is to talk to your spouse and explain to them the exact reason. If needed, don’t be hesitant if you need to visit a sex doctor. Be it anywhere in the world, these experts are working towards strengthening the relationships. Even in India, you will find some best sexologists in Indore, Delhi and many other big cities. You should take proper medication to resolve any medical condition that you are facing.

Celebrate good news

Celebration brings happiness and is a gesture to acknowledge the support of your better half. So, celebrate any success either small or big, that you get in life. Use this as an excuse to spend quality time with your spouse. This gesture shows that you are appreciative of their support and strengthens your relationship. Have fun with your spouse and create as many memories as you can.

Listen to each other

You might be knowing your spouse for a long time, but still, listen to what they have to say. Personal priorities change over time. Thus, having these discussions periodically will help you maintain good communication between one another. Understand what your spouse has to say and pay attention to their feelings. Working together to set priorities will make your marriage stronger.

Express love

Sharing your feelings is the best way to express your love for your spouse. Keep doing small gestures like bringing flowers, gifts, or any other surprises that you would like. Adding the element of surprise will keep the excitement going. If you are not a spontaneous person then set a calendar date for the surprise. Make your spouse feel special to appreciate what they do for you.

Never fight

It’s common to have disagreements between you and your spouse. It is always better to resolve those over talks rather than converting it into a bad fight. Try to change your attitude to drive bad feelings and actions away. In case you get into an argument in public, never fight it out there. Come home and have a discussion instead of making a public mockery of yourself.

Navigating through marriage can be tough. There will always be ups and downs in your relationship. If you both support each other, then your relationship can pass the test of time with flying colors.  Thus, be together, support one another, and keep having fun to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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