How to Prepare the Perfect Fall Wardrobe

If you already have all your clothes out and not stored away, then it’s time to start sorting your pieces seasonally. The best part about a fall wardrobe is that it is a transitional season. While it might not be fall yet, preparing your wardrobe for the chilly season now is actually a great idea. For fashion, it is a gold mine for opportunity and creativity, but for those looking to get organized and save money, it is even better! However, to achieve this, you need to go through your options and follow these steps:How to Prepare the Perfect Fall Wardrobe

1. Visualize What You Have

Ideally, you will want to take everything out to see what you have. You don’t need to necessarily keep it out until September, but knowing what you have is a good way to tell what you need in the upcoming season.

You can use an app to keep track of this to build a better closet. Shelves and curtain rails are all you need to DIY a great closet for yourself, or you can keep it minimalist.

2. Repair Favorites

Check for any holes, weak seams, missing buttons, and all the rest. Small fixes can be done easily. You can learn to do yourself, but if you feel at a loss simply bring the item to your nearest tailor or dry cleaners.

Shoes, in particular, will need some TLC. Get some leather wax to provide them extra protection for the fall and winter, and if the heal is beginning to wear down, take them to a leather specialist. You’ll see them in malls, at the airport, and throughout your local town. They often are also the same people you will go to if, for example, you need a replacement key made.

3. Remove Items You Don’t Like

As you will be going through all your items to check for any repairs, you should also spend some time to decide whether you really like and want the item in your hands. If you don’t, sell it online or donate it. Streamlining your wardrobe means keeping pieces you love that all work together, even if “working together” means fashionable pattern clashing.

4. Give Yourself Time Before Buying

You will likely have an idea of the pieces you are missing and what you want to buy at this point, and soon stores are going to be putting out their fall collections. Don’t get too excited. You need to give yourself time between seeing an item that you like and buying it. Even just a day can help wear down that thrill of buying, so you’ll be able to see whether you really want the item or not before you check out.

5. Save, Save, Save Every Time

Before you check out, there is one last thing that you need to do, and that’s check for any discounts or cheaper sellers. Price comparing is so much easier today thanks to apps or even extensions you can install directly into your web browser.

Other ways to save is to set up price alerts, or to simply check for coupons. There are coupons available for all the big brands, so check for Zaful coupons, or Zara coupons, or any other type of coupon before checking out for an easy discount.


All of these steps combined takes time, which is why summer is the perfect time to get started on building the perfect fall wardrobe. Don’t be too hasty with new purchases, and when buying items now, think about their layering potential so that you can enjoy the ultimate trans-seasonal wardrobe this year!

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