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There are several misconceptions about dentures cost, durability, usefulness, aesthetic value, and more that are products of uneducated thoughts. If in case you are using dentures, you know for a fact that it has greatly helped you in almost every aspect of your life.

The need to replace missing teeth is not only to make you feel and look good. There is an important dental reason why you have to immediately have that missing tooth replaced.

Dentures, whether full dentures or partial dentures are the most common solutions for missing teeth. There are people however who easily believe in urban legends about dentures that they refuse to have one even if it means a lot of suffering for them.

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Myths about Dentures

It is expensive-

Not anymore. There was surely a time in the past that denture prices were sky-high. But with recent breakthroughs in the dental field, there are now many affordable dentures or the nearest dental clinic to where you live.

It has no use-

Since you are just missing a couple of teeth does not mean you don’t need a partial denture. Those gaps or spaces in the gums can lead to the misalignment of the adjacent teeth. When this happens, serious dental problems may occur later in your life. You need to replace your missing teeth the soonest you can.

It breaks easily-

Although dentures can really break easily compared to real teeth, you just need to bite slowly or totally avoid that food that is hard to bite. Come to think of it, your real teeth have the susceptibility to break when eating or chewing some hard food. How much more with dentures?

It is inconvenient-

Proper fit of your dentures needs to be maintained always to avoid any inconvenience. This can be assured by proper handling and letting your dentist reline it as scheduled. ? You might think that cleaning and storage are inconveniences for you, but ask yourself if it is more inconvenient than the embarrassment of displaying that missing every time you smile. Besides, if you let your gaps in your teeth, severe consequences will crop up later.

It causes bad breath-

Nothing can be further from the truth. You can easily beat bad breath by good oral hygiene. You even have the ability to thoroughly clean your dentures more than your teeth since you can hold them while cleaning.
Wearing dentures restores your self-confidence and gives you the chance to pursue more opportunities in life. You can easily find dentists that are more than willing to help you choose the proper denture that will suit your need.

The 3 Top Ways to Make Your Dentures Healthy

The state of the economy has made people scrimp in any that they can. There are several ways to save money on your dental care especially if you acquire affordable dentures.

You are well aware that your dentures need care as with any other thing that is frequently used. Dentures are fragile that you need to be careful in handling them likewise choosing the food you eat. There are several ways to make your dentures healthy. Here are the top three of them:

Clean it regularly

Regular cleaning ensures that your dentures are healthy. It will enable you to remove residual food and prevent the accumulation of plaque. By simply using a regular soft toothbrush and ordinary soap, you can make sure that your dentures are permanently healthy. Your dentist may have suggestions on what consumer products you may use so that you avoid damaging your dentures.

Store it properly

Your dentures need proper storage where it safe and secure. You can either use consumer merchandise or just pick an appropriate container that will store it safely. You must soak your dentures in water or denture solutions available in the market. Just make sure that the water is not hot otherwise your dentures will be disfigured. You also need to keep the container away from children and pets.

Relining is important

Never neglect the scheduled relining of your dentures. It is usually scheduled every two years by your dentist. Do not think that your dentures still has the right fit after years of use. Only your dentist can make that assessment. So if you want your dentures to stay fit in your mouth, it is always smart to go to the dentist for the scheduled relining.

You should follow the advice of your dentist that you should not sleep wearing your dentures. This is to let your gums recuperate from the use of your dentures the whole day. Also, this will avoid the loss of the underlying bony support in your gums that could lead to severe dental problems in the future.

Partial dentures or full dentures can last for more than six years if properly taken care of. Another thing to take into consideration is the proper handling of your dentures during cleaning and storage. You need to avoid dropping it or sudden hard contact with surfaces that could break it.

You just have to make sure that you follow the advice of your dentist in taking care of your dentures to make it stay healthy. Although dentures cost is affordable, you don’t need to spend another amount for it in years to come if you take good care of your dentures.

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