A guide on purchasing Speaker Stand: 6 Tips

You buy the best speakers, but without a quality and robust stand is it really safe? Will it be able to deliver a performance to its full potential every time? The answer is a hard no!

Even with these factors in mind, very little attention is paid while choosing a suitable stand. For a long time, speakers are showcased as good enough to be kept merely aside. They supposedly never needed stands.

So here we are trying to bring to attention this essential factor.

Speaker Stand

Are you planning to buy a speaker stand but do not know how to? Here are 6 tips to help you!


These include those practical considerations that you should take based on your need and requirement, with a thought on the long-term benefits, yielded:-

Height of the Stand

The height of the stand helps determine the audio positioning of your speaker. Now, you no longer have to stick with your speaker for shifting it every moment to get a good sound quality range for the music you wish to hear. Your addiction to audio nature will not be hurt if you place the speaker at the stand with ear range height. Also you can check out addictedtoaudio.co.nz for more information related to this.

Try to get a flexible stand instead of a seamlessly rigid one. The latest trend includes the adjustable speaker stand that reduces the hassle of adjusting the stand and speaker position now and then.

Weight Holding Capacity of the Stand

The speaker stand is responsible for handling the weight of the speaker. Therefore, when the speaker is kept over the stand, the feet of the stand should not wobble. You can determine the weight holding capacity of the stand by its ratings.

Size of the Speaker Stand

Every speaker stand consists of a flat top plate that would be holding the weight of the speaker, then supported by the base and feet of the stand. Depending upon the size of the speaker, the top plate dimension should be decided. The more surface area provided to the top plate, the greater stability you achieve.

In the quest to occupy as large a space as possible, do not comically increase the surface area extravagantly so that the base and feet of the speaker seem smaller than the top plate. Ideally, the top-late should be smaller in size than the base and feet of the stand.


One of the most important considerations to take under is that your financial situation makes a huge impact on your decision. Never bounce beyond the limit of the pennies in your pocket.

Based on the size of the speaker and added retrofitting and modifications, choose a budget range and invest accordingly to seek long-term plans instead of being carried away by the frenzy of recent trends.

Material Quality and Foot Pads

While buying, also have a good peek regarding the construction material of the speaker stand. This is important because you would not like the stability and constructibility of the speaker stand you have invested in to be compromised.

It can be made of either wood or steel. While wood supports a cost-effective investment, it cannot hold heavy-weight speakers for longer durations. Therefore, the market is flooded with high-quality steel speaker stands because of their durability and reliability.

Also, seek the kind of pads you would want for the base and feet of the stand. Rubber pads should be used when you want to connect to the solid surface of the floor securely, while spike pads allow a certain grip over stages of carpet-area.

Cable Management

Speaker comes either of the two means: audio cables and wireless. Therefore, the speaker stand should be capable enough of managing the entirety of the speaker to offer a cleaner and more presentable look.

If your speaker happens to have wires, the cable management feature of the stand shall not let the troops of wire dangling around for both safety and a tidy look.

Takeaway Points

If buying a speaker needs appropriate enlightenment and consultation, buying a speaker stand does too. Hence, compromising on the quality of the speaker stand will eventually show its consequences on your beloved speaker.

Try not to buy outdated and wobbly-footed stands in haste to save money because damaged and obsolete products do not last long.

Also, you have your creativity at your hand’s reach to upgrade any look!

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