Street Style Jewellery

“”Jewellery is a decorative ornament worn by people. There are certain pieces of jewellery that enhance one’s elegance. It is said to be a piece of art which can make a casual outfit look phenomenal. As the trends change, so do the jewellery preferences. Bangles, Necklace, rings bracelets are a few common types of jewellery worn by a lot of people. Usually, Jewellery is made of different materials like precious metals (for example, gold, silver, platinum, diamond and so on), or simple with common items such as thread, paper (the current trend of paper jewellery includes the famous paper jhumkas), beads, plastic and so on.

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of jewellery made up of different materials. This article will be helpful to those looking for street style jewellery that are elegant. So, What is street style jewellery? It comes from the idea of  “Street style” is a specific fashion style which comes originally from British fashion culture and is a comprehensive approach to fashion which produces styles which intersect and differ from mainstream fashion considerations. Some of the common street style jewellery are as follows:

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Street Style Jewellery

1. Mystic Symbols

Symbols are one of the amazing things that can leave a strong psychological impression in our minds just from their appearance. Simple symbols like a star, symbol of om, the different forms of the moon, religious symbols (for eg, the cross) hold significant meanings about the Self, eternity, and protection. The common street style jewellery with mystic symbols include bracelets with stars or lockets for chains.

2. Stacked Rings

Cause one is never enough. This is the most preferred type of street style jewellery by celebrities (they usually wear it in the gold form though). You can buy artificial or real gold stacked rings to add a subtle hint of elegance to a simple evening gown or dress. If you are looking for a particular kind,  you can ask the jeweler to modify and design a nice gold or silver stacked ring ornament or simply choose from the varied options from their gold jewellery designs catalogue with price.

3. Pendant Necklaces

If you are not fond of heavy jewellery and clothes, then the pendant necklace is for you. The usual street form is a huge pendant and a simple chain which is enough to steal the show. You can wear a nice bright colored pendant necklace with a dark or dull dress and you are good to go.

4. Animal love

This was ELLE fashion industry’s choice of street jewellery last year. Animals are everywhere in fashion at the moment, whether it’s cat prints or real puppies on the runway. You can add some growl to your look with dino earrings or a cute panda pendant.

5. What’s my name?

Currently, both men and women are wearing their names in the form of a pendant. This type of jewellery is common among couples and newly-weds.

6. Other

Arm candy, Pearls, Choker, Asymmetry earrings are a few common types of street style jewellery that’s trending right now.

Be it daily wear earrings in gold, or peacock feather earring or a huge pendant or a simple star-shaped ornament, this street-styled jewelry is surely trending and are available all around the globe, even in the major online jewellery stores. Depending upon your budget and style, you will definitely be spoilt of choices, and make you a regular or casual outfit quite elegant.

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