Saturday Lotto: History and the Game Explained

The Tattslotto was the first lottery system launched in Australia in 1972 and aired on television. The Saturday Lotto is a national Saturday night draw operated by Tatts group. This lottery has been telecasted since 2006 by channel seven in Melbourne. Johnston and Lucy Kiraly formerly hosted this show. The lottery is all about the Luck factor.

Lottery Market

Compared to earlier days, the lottery has developed to a greater extent and advanced as gambling and bettings online. The Saturday Lotto happens in various regions and states under different names.

In Victoria, Tasmania, in Australian territory, the show is called Tattslotto. In the Northern Territory, the game is Gold Lotto. It is known as X Lotto in South Australia and just Lotto in Western Australia and South wales.

Saturday Lotto

How Does It Work?

Every Saturday, the draw will be conducted, and from thousands of people, a few players become winners. That night, the winner’s life would change once and forever. The game revolves around keen luck. It has six prize divisions.

  • Firstly the person should choose six numbers from one to forty-five. These six numbers are winning numbers.
  • Then the person should choose two supplementary numbers.
  • On the draw’s day, the winning numbers will be chosen from a barrel of numbered balls. The method of drawing may vary from place to place.

Prize Divisions

  • All six winning numbers should match.
  • Any five winning numbers with one or two supplementary numbers should match.
  • Any five winning numbers should match.
  • Any four winning numbers should match.
  • Any three winning numbers and one or two supplementary numbers should match.
  • Any three main winning numbers should match.

The prize may differ according to the number of draw winners. As everything is digital now, people can play the lottery from their homes’ comfort on a trusted website.


You can also play Saturday Lotto with different entries which makes the game more enjoyable.

  • Syndicate Ticket: Here many people put their money together, and it boosts the number of entries, and the chances of winning are also favourable. If they win, the players will share the prize money equally among them.
  • System Ticket: There are systems up to twenty. In this, the player can take extra cards according to the one chosen, and by that, they will have increased odds of winning a division.
  • Super Combo: This entry allows participants to pick number combos, which increases the probability of winning.

Many people play the lotto for absolute entertainment. They tend to avoid the fact that it possesses some economic value in it. According to the companies hosting the show, the prize money may range from $3 million to $5 million. There are also specific Super draws and Mega Draws where the prize money reaches about $30 million. Many people now prefer the online lottery over other forms of the lottery since other countries’ civilians could also participate. It avoids travel time, the long queues, and saves time and energy for the players.

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