Are you far from your loved ones but want to make them feel your soft and tasty presence? Or maybe that irrepressible desire for sweet assails you that you can’t stop? Even when we want an artisan and quality delight, whether it is for one of our family members or us, the first solution seems to be to go to the pastry shop to buy a nice cake or a tray of pastries, from today everything is easier because you can order sweets online.

Whether it is a chocolate cake or, there is no need to wait for that famous weekend that you have been planning for some time: you can satisfy your palate and that of your loved ones in a simple way and fast savoring the true tradition


As soon as you receive your cake, cut it in the best way

First of all, a good knife

The gizmo we will use to cut the cake is very important. Too small or too large, it will be inconvenient to cut a nice piece; besides, too blunt can damage the dough a bit. Therefore, it is best to use a sharp knife slightly longer than the radius of the cake – it allows you to cut a piece in one smooth movement. It will also help support the dough on the dough paddle while serving.

If you want each piece to be cut easily and look impeccable, prepare yourself a glass of warm water to rinse the knife after each cut. Wipe the knife and cut further – a clean knife will not leave any marks on the next piece.

The clean, sharp edge of the cake always looks elegant.

Remember to remove the decorations

We love beautifully decorated cakes – both decorated with fruit, those with handwritten dedications, as well as artistic figurines and fancy decorations. However, all these elements are not conducive to the aesthetic slicing of the cake.

We recommend that you take off any sugar or chocolate figures first – this will allow you to use the knife more freely. It is also worth knowing that some of the larger artistic pastries have such elements fastened with toothpicks or other reinforcements, which will be removed from the baking before serving.

And how to cut a double-decker cake?

For stacked cakes, keep in mind that they are specially fixed with elements such as pads and toothpicks. Therefore, you should cut the layers one by one, gradually dismantling the next floor. These cakes may seem like a huge challenge when it comes to divide and distribute portions, but usually, at ceremonies where such baked goods appear, a pastry chef or other staff assist with it. The first time can be a bit stressful, but it quickly turns out that slicing a multi-tiered cake is not as difficult as it may seem.

A piece but a bit different

Some people recommend using a different cutting method. Instead of cutting triangles out of the circle one by one, they recommend cutting the cake into rectangles, which supposedly makes it easier to divide it into pieces and then store the leftovers.

There are also special molds through which we can cut a piece of cake in the shape of a leaf. These are definitely alternatives for those who do not mind serving the cake in a less traditional form. Although we like the classics the most, we are open to all novelties.

Suppose you wish to order cake online Bangalore with us, without sacrificing freshness and authenticity. In that case, you are in the right place: With us, you can get the best-designed cake easily at your doorstep through a portal specialized in the online sale of excellent bakery products, prepared with safety and precautions.


How about putting on the table this Sunday a pistachio cake filled with a delicious cream prepared only the best at Emicakes? You will find many proposals that satisfy all tastes, such as the classic style cake or a cartoon-themed cake; also you can order typical regional desserts online such as muffins with chocolate or berries, and, of course, you so desire, both in the curly and shortcrust version.

Choose the right dessert for every moment… even from home!

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