Revealed: Best memory foam mattress of 2022

A study by sleep experts at SFGATE has found that the best memory foam mattress of 2022 is the Zoma Mattress.

The research was carried out by testing a wide range of mattresses, finding 15 winners in different categories, with the Zoma in first place for memory foam mattresses.

Some of the other categories included ‘Best Luxury Mattress’, ‘Best Mattress for the Money’, ‘Best Mattress for stomach sleepers’, ‘Best Firm Mattress’ and ‘Best Soft Mattress’, with Zoma also coming top for ‘Best Mattress on Amazon’ for its Zoma Start.

Best memory foam mattress of 2022

What’s so special about the Zoma Mattress?

Originally known as the Zoma Sports Mattress, this memory foam mattress was designed for professional athletes. And it’s been well-received by them, as demonstrated by the countless sports stars’ endorsements on the Zoma website.

However, you don’t have to be an Olympic gold medallist to benefit from sleeping on a Zoma Mattress. The bed’s rejuvenating features can be enjoyed by anyone looking for deeper rest and recovery.

On top of the mattress is a layer of gel-infused memory foam, which creates a responsive surface that stays cool as it gently molds to the body. Plus, the gel infusions ensure that heat moves swiftly away from the body, so the surface feels cool even after lying on it for hours.

And thanks to the targeted support technology Zoma uses, the head and foot of the mattress feel softer. This limits pressure buildup in sensitive areas, while ensuring the mattress supports most sleeping positions.

Every Zoma Mattress sold on the Zoma website is shipped for free, and includes a 100-night sleep trial, as well as a ten-year warranty. (The warranty offers protection on any sagging that exceeds an inch due to defective materials.)

Another pro is that this memory foam mattress comes at a budget-friendly price, with most sizes costing under or around $1000.

According to the research, the only downsides are that the Zoma Mattress is only sold online and not in any showrooms and that it might not feel firm enough for stomach sleepers.

What makes up the Zoma memory foam mattress?

As mentioned above, the top layer of a Zoma Mattress is two inches of cooling gel memory foam with unique Triangulex™ technology. The gel infusions work by moving absorbed heat away from the body, keeping the surface of the mattress from overheating.

In the head and foot of the mattress, there are triangular cutouts that increase the bed’s contouring cushion. This extra flexibility ensures the mattress provides pressure relief to sensitive areas, like the shoulders.

The mattress’s transition layer is two inches of exclusive Reactiv foam, which is a buoyant material that mimics the feel of latex, making the bed more responsive than the average memory foam mattress.

Underneath that is the bottom layer, which is seven inches of stiff poly-foam — called Support+ foam — that ensures the mattress stays strong, even after years of use.


  • Price: $499 to $1198
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Best for: Hot sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers, combination sleepers and people with athletic or physically active lifestyles

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have many benefits:

1. Memory foam mattresses mold to your body

The fact that memory foam molds to your body and regains its shape as you move around is its biggest USP (Unique Selling Point).

It contours around your body, which means it’s great for all sleeping positions. Made from a highly resilient material, memory foam can withstand a variety of pressure patterns, giving equal support to all parts of the body. Side and back sleepers can enjoy even support for their joints and contours, while back sleepers will benefit from their spine being kept in alignment.

2. Memory foam mattresses are soft

All anyone really wants from a mattress is for it to be as soft and comfortable as possible. Which is what you get with memory foam.

Whereas spring mattresses offer minimal support in the form of a single soft top layer, memory foam mattresses are made up of multiple comfort layers to provide maximum cushioning and are topped with a stiff, yet flexible material (often made from polyurethane) that gives extra softness and support.

3. Memory foam mattresses provide motion isolation

Memory foam absorbs movement, which means you won’t be disturbed if your partner is tossing and turning all night or you have a pet that likes to regularly groom or scratch itself.

With a spring mattress, movement is noticeably transferred throughout the bed, but on a memory foam mattress, movement is isolated to just one section — so you won’t feel or hear them moving as much.

4. Memory foam mattresses can reduce allergy symptoms

The material used to make memory foam mattresses (polyurethane) consists of a dense pattern of fibers that is highly resistant to a range of common allergens, like dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet hair. Because these allergens are unable to build up in the bed, allergy-sufferers could get a better night’s sleep, as they won’t be kept awake by itchy eyes or dripping noses.

5. Memory foam mattresses provide temperature-controlled support

A memory foam mattress uses heat from your body to keep you warm, enabling you to sleep well on cold nights. Yet they can also keep you cool during the summer months, with the addition of a cooling cover that provides breathability, circulation, and comfort in hot conditions.

This means you can benefit from a comfortable sleep all year round.

What is the lifespan of a memory foam mattress?

You may be wondering whether it’s time to upgrade your existing mattress for a new one. Maybe this is because of wear and tear, or you’re suffering from stiff muscles in the morning, or because you’re putting more weight on your mattress.

But whatever the reason, it’s helpful to know that the average lifespan of a typical mattress is approximately eight years. Note that this can vary, though, depending on the quality of the materials used to make your mattress and what type of mattress it is.

Memory foam mattresses come in various materials and densities, but to give you an idea, a quality memory foam mattress can last between ten and 15 years if it’s well looked after. Regularly turning your mattress can improve its lifespan.

What’s so special about the Zoma Start mattress?

Thanks to its Start mattress (which is another memory foam mattress), Zoma made it onto SFGATE’s list of best mattresses for a second time, with another memory foam mattress.

Named the top mattress to buy on Amazon, the Zoma Start is a budget-friendly mattress, which offers the basics that are needed for a better night’s sleep.

According to the study, it’s made from high-quality materials and, despite being a slim mattress, it’s got a solid feel — largely due to its supportive surface.

It also has an adaptable cushion, meaning sleepers won’t experience much sinkage on the Zoma Start, and its stay-cool feel minimizes sleep interruptions.

Some of this mattress’ most notable pros are its slim profile and lightweight design — which makes it ideal for bunk beds and campers — its low price, convenient Amazon home delivery, and its heat-wicking memory foam, which eases pressure points for improved recovery.

The study only revealed two downsides: There’s no sleep trial included and some sleepers may find the mattress too firm.

What makes up the Zoma Start mattress?

Three foam layers make up the Zoma Start, all of which are wrapped inside a breathable AirCloth cover fabric. As well as being woven to maximize breathability, AirCloth adds softness to the mattress’ surface.

Like the Zoma Mattress, the top layer of the mattress comprises an inch of gel memory foam, to address the issue of heat build-up in traditional memory foam. The added gels accelerate the dispersal of heat throughout the mattress, keeping the surface cool throughout the night. This means sleepers will no longer have to worry about waking up in a sweat.

The second layer is made up of an inch of Reactiv foam. As explained above, this transition foam provides a more responsive surface by limiting how deeply sleepers can sink into the Zoma Start. The buoyancy of the layer makes it easier to turn over and leave the bed.

Again, the base layer is eight inches of Support+ foam. Engineered by Zoma, this material is designed to stay strong — even after years of nightly use. It’s thanks to the heightened durability of Support+ foam that enables the Zoma Start to provide great value.


  • Price: $375 to $599
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Firmness: Medium to medium-firm
  • Best for: Budget shoppers, combo sleepers and hot sleepers

What are some other good mattresses?

According to the findings, some of the other best mattresses on the market are:

Best Mattress OverallAmerisleep AS3
Best Mattress for the MoneyVaya Mattress
Best Luxury MattressNolah Evolution 15
Best Natural MattressOrganica
Best Hybrid MattressGhostBed Flex
Best Mattress for Back SleepersSaatva Classic
Best Mattress for Side SleepersTuft & Needle Mint
Best Cooling MattressBrooklyn Bedding Aurora
Best Mattress for Pressure ReliefPurple Hybrid
Best Soft MattressAmerisleep AS5
Best Mattress for Stomach SleepersHelix Dawn Luxe
Best Latex MattressAvocado Green Mattress
Best Firm MattressLayla Hybrid
Best Mattress on AmazonZoma Start


A study that tested out a wide range of mattresses found 15 winners in different categories — with the Zoma Mattress taking the top spot for the best memory foam mattress of 2022.

This memory foam mattress was originally known as the Zoma Sports Mattress, and was designed for professional athletes, making it ideal for people with athletic or physically active lifestyles.

Made from gel-infused memory foam, it’s got a responsive surface that stays cool as it gently molds to the body, and thanks to the targeted support technology Zoma uses, the head and foot of the mattress feel softer. Every Zoma Mattress sold on the Zoma website is shipped for free, and includes a 100-night sleep trial, as well as a ten-year warranty. Another pro is that the Zoma Mattress comes at a budget-friendly price.

Some of the benefits of memory foam mattresses are that they mold to your body, they’re soft, they provide motion isolation, they can reduce allergy symptoms and they provide temperature-controlled support. A good-quality memory foam mattress can last between ten and 15 years if it’s well looked after.

Zoma made it onto the list a second time with its Zoma Start, which was named Best Mattress on Amazon. This is thanks to its budget-friendly price, solid feel, adaptable cushion, stay-cool feel, convenient home delivery and heat-wicking memory foam.

According to the findings, some of the other best mattresses on the market are the Amerisleep AS3, the Vaya Mattress and the Purple Hybrid.

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