7 Ways to Keep in Touch and Show You Care When Living Abroad

Only about 30% of people in the United States have had a successful long-distance relationship.

Living far from a romantic partner can be a challenge, but many people also struggle with being apart from their families and friends. Fortunately, technology and innovations have helped keep loved ones together and on the same page.

Living Abroad

Continue reading if you want to learn more about solutions for how to keep in touch, whether you have tech or not!

1. Video Chat

Phone calls and texting are one of the easiest ways to keep in touch, but they aren’t as powerful as video chat.

Video chatting platforms like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype can help you see and visit loved ones, no matter where they are. As long as you have access to a phone, tablet, or laptop, you can stay close to the people you care about.

The great thing about video chats is that you can see what your loved ones are always around, regardless of their location.

2. Distance Lamps

Recently, a lamp is one of the hottest gifts to give loved ones from a distance.

There are specific lamps that are connected, even hundreds of miles away. People can place a distance lamp by their bed, desk, or anywhere that reminds them of that person. As you walk by your lamp or think about them, touch the light and there’s will brighten up.

This is a fun gift for people of all ages and children love it too. You can find these lamps in a variety of colors and styles to help them match the decor and theme.

3. Set Reminders

If you want to show you care, you should set reminders for upcoming anniversaries and special moments.

These reminders will pop up and you can reach out to the person it’s about. Although this may seem like a small way to show someone you care, it prevents you from getting caught up in the moment. A quick reminder will ensure you never miss an important day again.

Sticky notes are a great solution for physical calendars, but phone and online reminders are more convenient. When you automate reminders, you can set them up for a lifetime and never stress about missing your anniversary again!

4. Write a Letter

Emails and texting have taken the communication world by storm, but they aren’t as exciting as a letter.

Writing a letter to someone and mailing it to them is a thoughtful way to let them know you care and think about them. If you want to make the letter truly special, you can add photographs, trinkets, and other small items.

This is a perfect way to update family members about life changes since it not only gives them your address, but it becomes a keepsake. As families evolve and loved ones pass away, letters become more valuable.

If you’re sending a letter to a romantic partner, take a tip from Elle Woods and spray it with your perfume or cologne! It makes the letters all the more special and can trigger emotions in people that are familiar with them.

5. Send a Small Gift

Whether you or a friend is living abroad, sending gifts can become expensive.

Fortunately, small gifts don’t cost much more than an envelope and they can make someone’s day. Books, tasty treats, and even stones can hold meaning and offer an opportunity to make connections.

If you want to send thoughtful gifts, make sure you consider the person’s preferences. Instead of shipping the items to your house, you can get them delivered to their doorstep without extra costs.

You should never go into debt to show someone you care. If they care about you and love you, they would prefer a more meaningful and homemade gift.

6. Give a Budding Gift

Flowers are a wonderful way to show people you’re thinking about them.

Whether you’ve had someone on your mind or are wishing them better health flowers, are appropriate. Since you can customize each arrangement and select the colors and types of flowers, this can always be a genuine and unique gift.

Roses are beautiful, but they also aren’t necessary for every occasion. Don’t be afraid to check out the farmers market and local stores for seasonal blooms. Make sure you send the flowers in a vase since some people don’t have a cabinet full of them!

You can check out this flowers delivery company found here and place your order.

7. Watch Movies Together

Depending on the streaming platform, you can create a viewing party and watch shows with people that are thousands of miles away.

Disney and Netflix, for example, are bringing people together from around the world. Starting a movie at the same time, unconnected, can be a challenge, especially if there are data issues. You can start, pause, and end your movies and shows with a few clicks and less hassle.

Horror movies are always a thrill, but if the distance makes you nervous, comedy is a safe choice. Comedy and mystery movies or shows are some of the most exciting to watch in a couple or group.

Will You Keep in Touch?

Relationships are valuable, but they also evolve and dissolve over time.

If you care about someone and want them to be a permanent fixture in your life, you need to show them. No matter how far away someone lives, you can send them a thoughtful gift or finds new ways to show that you’re thinking about them. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions and create unforgettable moments.

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