Bitcoin Pro with the fantastic move to acquire EnergyCoin!

Traders have been all over social media talking about EnergyCoin’s acquisition for weeks now, with hopes that this will open a new chapter for the company and its customers. Acquisitions in the crypto market space aren’t uncommon and many hope the partnerships lead to better things for the crypto community. In many cases, they do, but sometimes not all business partnerships exist for the reasons we think they do.


The Nature of Acquisitions in the Crypto Market

As many of you may already understand, acquisitions and mergers are expected within the business world. With cryptocurrency, there are particular characteristics of the market that force companies to maneuver at the drop of a hat. Over the years, there have been moments in the crypto market where traders lost a good chunk of their investments. Any time this happens, crypto investors tend to wisen up and learn from their mistakes.

EnergyCoin’s acquisition, in this case, is solely about the combination of monetary resources and proprietary technologies that could do even better if released to a broader market. In most cases, the company looking to acquire the other generally has more time and money and can use these resources to move EnergyCoin along its roadmap. Considering the speed at which the crypto market adjusts, it needs more companies working together to build a safer and more trustworthy space for investors to educate themselves and protect the integrity of their portfolios.

Time is Money for Bitcoin Pro

Both websites have a strong focus on the security of transactions across exchanges and facilitating security tools for investors’ portfolios. Although Bitcoin Pro does not directly provide brokerage services, they do offer aid with the management of traders’ portfolios and professional advice on what crypto investments would be ideal for your specific trading strategy, and that’s where the real beauty is.

One of the issues with cryptocurrency trading strategies is that they don’t work for every investor. Bitcoin Pro develops unique strategies for each client regardless of the strength of their portfolios or experience with cryptocurrency. With EnergyCoin’s popularity, multiple companies have been keeping an eye on the acquisition. Fortunately for Bitcoin Pro, they have the financial backing needed to secure the deal.

It’s likely Bitcoin Pro will acquire EnergyCoin for six figures or more, and this is due to the rapid growth EnergyCoin has shown within the last year alone. Both sites will combine their custom trading strategies with detailed information on how to perform your own market analysis. They aim to provide all of the resources needed to create a self-sufficient crypto investor that won’t need to rely on a handful of opinions to build a healthy cryptocurrency portfolio.

The Clear Benefits for EnergyCoin

EnergyCoin is about to gain access to new monetary resources, an expanded team of crypto experts, and engineers that will hone the Websites vision for optimum performance in the crypto market. Since its release, the site’s core services haven’t changed too much, but the cryptocurrency community has been given plenty of updates on what’s to come. The acquisition seemed to be perfect timing and has the potential to be the cherry on top of EnergyCoin’s business model. Below, you’ll find a short bullet list of some of the website’s services and features.

Services and Features

  • Curation of custom trading strategies structured for your budget and portfolio.
  • Detailed information on how to perform proper market analysis on your own.
  • Tools built to create a self-sufficient investor in the cryptocurrency market.
  • A notably fast UI with easy-to-understand information.
  • A moderated community forum for crypto investors to share knowledge and trading strategies.
  • Connects traders with portfolio managers and brokers alike.

In Closing

This acquisition should be finalized without a hitch, as both websites are on board with each other’s vision and have already started working out what’s next on their to-do list. It’ll be exciting to see the endlessly valuable resources they create in-house for crypto investors of all types. Creating a self-sufficient investor will surely help mitigate loss amongst those that put their newfound knowledge to use.


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