How Quality Garden Tools Can Make Your Outdoors More Enjoyable

You’ve scheduled an appointment to have some cosmetic surgery on your face. Before they put you completely under, you see the doctor enter the room and pick up a butcher knife, and you start screaming. So what was wrong? Obviously, you didn’t want the doctor to operate using a butcher knife instead of surgical instruments. After all, it takes the right equipment to do the best job. If this is the case, why do you continue to create your garden each year using inferior tools? You should know that you can only plant the best garden with better garden tools.

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Don’t Take Comfort For Granted

If you’re feeling pain in your hand while using a garden tool, that’s just your body telling you that you need a better tool. The wrong handgrip can cause cramping in your hand. Or if you buy a cheaper tool with less padding in the handle, it may set off arthritis or other hand problems. Make sure you buy a good pair of pruning shears, for example, before tackling the trimming of a long hedge.

Tool grips made of rubber or gel and incorporating ergonomic properties can relieve pain and stress and take the pressure off of the hands. Tools with longer handles eliminate stooping and bending which can prevent back pain. Other tools that add leverage can also make jobs easier and reduce pain.

Look For Good Quality Materials

The materials that tools are made of makes a big difference between poor and better quality garden tools. Let’s say that this weekend you’re going to be cutting up some fair-sized branches with your chainsaw. When buying the chainsaw you went for the cheapest model, a little, lightweight electric model. To do the job, you need to round up enough cords to reach the spot where you’re going to be cutting by hooking them all together. The saw struggles to start, sputters, and stalls. You get it going and find your saw is too wimpy to begin to cut the first branch. You try to cut, and it stalls. You pull a little too hard, and your cords come apart, so you have to go reconnect them. Then the chain falls off the saw. Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy a good saw to start with?

When it comes to buying gardening gloves, a rule of thumb is to buy them to fit the job you’re doing. If you do a lot of yard work, you’ll need a variety of thicknesses so you’ll have the right ones on hand. For instance, if you’re working with plants with thorns, you’ll need a little thicker glove to keep the thorns from poking through. However, if you’re working with more delicate blooms, the heavy gloves may be more of a nuisance than a help. Always fitting the gloves to the job is the key to making them effective garden tools.

Go For Brand Names

Some brands of tools are known for their high quality. If you can, these are the brands you should stick with for garden tools. You don’t have to buy an entire garage-full in one shopping trip. Buy what you can afford, and because you’re buying high quality, they won’t wear out before you can add more items. Watch TV gardening shows to see what brands of tools the workmen are using. They’ll only use the best because they want the best results. Always buy brands that offer a money-back guarantee. If the tools don’t live up to their reputation, you’ll be able to return them for a refund.

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