How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat: Simple Exercises & Diet Guide

It could be that you are overweight or you still workout, but it seems you cannot beat the bra bulge due to armpit fat. Of course, the same can happen to men, too, when it seems like the fat under armpit does not want to go away.

It can usually get frustrating when you have to deal with body fat, and it seems your armpit is also a big problem. That is why you need to learn how to get rid of armpit fat and keep it off. That is what the guide looks at, among other ways of maintaining a healthy body weight overall.

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How To Get Rid of Armpit Fat: 5 Exercises That Help

One thing about exercises is that they will help you reduce armpit fat and the overall body fat, leaving you healthy. As much as you need specific exercises to lose armpit fat, we also recommend a full-body workout. Clarke, M., MBAHM recommends the following exercises for losing fat around the underarm area.

Bench Dip

This is another nice upper arms workout. It will largely help burn excess fat around the armpit region while building upper body strength. You can do it at home from the sofa’s edge or use a workout bench while at the gym. This workout may also be good for getting rid of excess skin around the armpit area.

Chest Press

This is a common exercise that anyone who has ever been to a gym might have tried. You probably thought it was only good for your chest. However, this workout is also good for the arms and shoulders. With good reps, it is hard for the body to store fat around the underarms.

This workout needs a workout bench plus weights to lift. That is why it is best achieved at the gym.

Tricep Extension

Tricep press and tricep extension are similar workouts. The core muscles being worked include the upper arms when you have extended arms. We recommend using a hand weight for this work to make it more effective. With a good routine or tricep extension, expect to burn the extra fat and further reduce fat around other muscles. That is quite good for fat loss generally.


The push-up exercise will tone several muscles at once. This includes the upper arms, chest, and shoulders. If you keep doing it more often, the fat the body stores will be burned to get a completely normal underarm size.

Start by positioning your hands slightly wider than the shoulders while in the push-up position. Keep the head so that you are facing straight down. Use your arms to lower and raise the body in this plank position. Do as many reps as possible.

Seated Row

Using a pull-down machine and a row machine for this type of workout. The machine will not only work out the upper arm but also on the back. In case you have been facing a few issues with back pains, this type of workout can be a solution. Make sure you maintain the correct posture while doing this type of workout not to prevent hurting your back.

What Causes Armpit Fat?

Before you can start thinking about reducing armpit fat, first understand what causes fat accumulation in the first place. Here are a few reasons you have fat under the armpit.


Genetics can often determine your fat distribution around the body. This is something even a study proved that genetic factors could make you have armpit fat in case your relatives also have the same.

The same study also found that women would have more armpit fat than men.


When you are overweight, it is also possible to store excess fat. If you look at an overweight person, you can easily notice that their armpit and breast areas are larger. So, rather than spot reduction for only the armpit area, consider losing weight for the whole body to look good. Another type of armpit fat loss to consider is the one made using natural ingredients to avoid unwanted side effects, as suggested at


Hormonal changes during puberty, menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy can affect the breast tissue. Also, hormones such as progesterone and estrogen alteration make the breasts swell. That is why it is possible to experience armpit fat for a moment during all these changes in the body.

Axillary breast tissue

Sometimes, excess breast tissue can easily be misinterpreted for armpit fat. Just like the breast tissue, this part also responds to hormone changes. You often end up with the axillary breast tissue whenever there is a change in estrogen and progesterone levels.

Swollen lymph nodes

You may also be suffering from swollen lymph nodes, and that is why you have fat under the armpit. Lymph nodes are found all over the body, and when they swell around the armpit, it makes you feel there is fat there. They will largely swell because of infections, or you have a hand injury.

Eating Habits That Help To Reduce Underarm Fat

It is quite interesting how most of our health problems can be solved by simply changing what you eat. That is how a healthy diet and strength training exercises can help you lose fat around the armpit and get skinny too.

Here are some of the eating habits to adopt if you are to eliminate underarm fat.

  • Aviod eatingdeep-fried foods. They would make you have more fat rather than lose.
  • Eat more vegetables, especially spinach and broccoli, since they are high in nutrients
  • Processed foods should also be avoided. This includes chips, cakes, and biscuits
  • Eating more fruit is highly recommended. You should get all kinds of nutrients with more fruits
  • Whole grains are also highly recommended as they are rich in fiber and protein. This largely keeps the tummy fuller for longer and aid in digestion.
  • Have your dinner early too. Make sure to eliminate late-night snacking so that the body has enough time to digest your dinner before sleeping.

The Final Words

There is no need for plastic surgery to remove fat cells or extra armpit skin each you want to deal with underarm fat. With good weight training and a diet change, it is possible to handle this problem over a couple of weeks or months. Once you lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off so that you do not deal with the armpit fat again.

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