Bitcoin Trading Tips For Newbies To Have A Better Understanding

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. The craze around these decentralized currencies is growing with every passing day. Around 29% of millennial parents in the US have bitcoin or invested in it. If you still haven’t become a part of the system, it is time to reconsider your decision. Although there are apprehensions surrounding bitcoin, we cannot undermine the fact that the returns are exponentially beneficial. For more detail about the Bitcodes-AI:

This article highlights some helpful tips and knowing the best strategy can help you make transforming decisions in your crypto investment journey. Read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding!

bitcoin trading

1. Start small-

It is important that you must start with a smaller amount as an investment. To ensure that you reap benefits and that your investments are profitable, you must always start small and understand first how the crypto market operates. Once you are done mastering the basics of how the crypto market functions, you can then seamlessly do the crypto investment of your own, and that, too, like a pro.

2. Use a reputable exchange-

The next important thing that you need to consider is the crypto exchange platform. A reputable crypto exchange ensures that the trading happens seamlessly, and you also get the right assistance in case the need arises. Several crypto trading platforms are powered by bots. These AI-enabled platforms not only understand your investment behaviour but also recommend the right trading strategy suiting your investment appetite. At the same time, you will also be constantly receiving updates on the new trends and development taking place in the crypto market.

3. Don’t store your coins on an exchange-

Most of the crypto exchange platforms give you the leverage to store your cryptocurrencies on the platform itself, but we highly recommend opting for crypto wallets. These wallets are secured, and some of them come with restoration and backup features. Hence you must closely assess these options and then decide on investment.

4. Be careful with leverage-

Sometimes, the crypto exchange platforms may try to load you with discounts and deals. One of them is the leverage offered. In this case, you are allowed to trade more than the money you have in your account. At the same time, it may look very alluring in the initial stages but can prove to be risky in the longer run. Hence you must beware of such offers and deals.

5. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose-

It is a known factor that crypto investment is risky and can have serious losses. It has already seen that in 2022, that has been a sharp dip in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Choosing The Best Crypto Exchange- Points To Note

There is always the possibility of losing money. Don’t trade beyond your financial stability; in other words, you should be investing only as much as you can afford to lose. The time people tend to get into the crypto market, considering that investment will always be profitable.

When planning to step into the world of crypto investment, you should consider choosing the right crypto trading platform which, no doubt, plays an important role. Some of the parameters that you should include as a part of your search for the best crypto exchange are:

  1. Choose a crypto exchange platform that is easy to understand and offers a user-friendly interface.
  2. Look for a crypto exchange that offers different cryptocurrencies.
  3. Ensure checking both the withdrawal fees and transaction feesthat your chosen platform charges.
  4. The different payment gateways associated with the platform
  5. Are there any fees associated with adding money from PayPal or your credit card? All these may vary from one platform to another, and hence you must closely observe the crypto exchange platform and with lots before making the decision.


Like it or not, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, and they are certainly here to stay. If you still haven’t given thought to investing in it, you can start contemplating the different options and registering yourself on a reliable crypto exchange platform, such as where you can explore different cryptocurrencies and also get the assistance of trading strategies. You can also delve deeper to explore other crypto exchanges.

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