Furnace Services in Surrey: How to Repair your Furnace

Cold weather can really be frustrating if you don’t prepare for it. Have you ever felt like you were going to pass out from the cold? Sometimes we are not able to get enough cover and warmth from wearing thick clothes or taking something hot, we need extra heat.

There are some methods set up to produce heat at home or any other place of shelter. One of these methods is a furnace. A furnace is a unit used to heat up an entire building. It can be used to heat up your homes or offices during cold periods. This heating system is installed permanently to produce heat in an interior space using the process of fluid movement.


It is very important that it works well so as to keep your home all warmed up. Does your furnace heat up effectively or have you noticed any negative change currently? Sometimes our heating system just decides to malfunction when we need it. Well, that shouldn’t get you overly agitated as the furnace repair may not be as tedious as you may think.

Furnace comes in different forms and shapes and we should understand that our choice of which type to use is dependent on what purpose you would need to achieve with it.

Various companies in Surrey offer varieties of furnace services which could include installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. This article will help you find out how to get your repairs done without stress.

How to Repair your Furnace

First, let’s look at some hints you may find useful in detecting a fault with your heating system.

When You May Need Your Furnace Repaired

It is recommended that you consider a repair when you notice these signs;

  • Strange Noise. It is possible that you may have observed how your furnace functioned when you newly installed it. Identifying any unusual noise wouldn’t be much of a difficult task; strange noises can be a hint that your furnace has shifted from its normal performance and something might be wrong somewhere. Pay attention when you are starting or stopping the furnace as those are the two instances when the noise predominantly occurs.
  • Low heat level. This can also be an obvious fault. If your furnace begins to produce heat below its capacity then you should watch it. When it blows cool air or warmer air than you expect, you need a repair.
  • Reduced airflow. The flow of air in your home can be reduced when the air ducts are blocked. This could cause a very complex issue in the future if not fixed.
  • Increased bills. There may not be a visible sign that your heating system is faulty but, you can spot there is an issue when your bills suddenly increase compared to what was previously obtainable. Electrical issues can cause your furnace to consume more energy and this increases your bills.

You may not need to wait till your heating system encounters a problem. You can check out these self-maintenance tips to help you keep it functioning properly.

If you need more pointers to show when your heating system needs repair and how to fix it, you can check out this video.

Some Tips on How to Self-Maintain your Furnace

furnace maintenance

  1. Always inspect your thermostat to ensure it’s on. It is very important to be sure your thermostat is set on heat and at least 5 degrees above your room temperature. You should also check the batteries; blow away dust or debris clogged in your thermostat, check date and time and also check the breaker.
  2. Always ensure that the area around your heating system is properly cleaned up.
  3. Check your burners and ensure they are clear from dirt. You can ascertain if your burner is working fine through the flames produced. If you have your heating system producing blue flames, your burner is in good condition, but if otherwise, there is a problem somewhere.
  4. Oil the blower once a month at the minimum.
  5. Always check your vents to avoid obstruction.
  6. Clean your flame sensor. If the flame sensor is dirty, it may cause the heating system to malfunction.
  7. Check your filter. If the filter is clogged, you may consider taking it out for a replacement. Your heating system can perform minimally as a result of a blocked furnace filter. If you need help on how to change the filter, you can check here: https://www.wikihow.com/Change-a-Furnace-Filter.

Maintaining your heating system saves you more because it helps to prevent the escalation of minor faults to bigger issues. We have also included some tips that will help to find the best professional to fix your heating system.

How to Find the Best Furnace Repair Service in Surrey

Furnace Repair Service in Surrey

The following are some tips to help you find the best serviceman for your heating system:


No matter the type of heating system, good professionals should know how to handle it. Look out for those who are experienced and also have received training on how to fix different heating systems.

Get Referrals

This is one method that can be helpful and has been adopted by people over time. You can get referrals from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or any business organization that has good contact with any service provider. Do not rely on your referrals alone, try to make proper investigations then choose wisely.


There should be a level of professionalism ranging from conduct and orderliness to other professional ethics.

After considering all these areas, you can do a comparison check to know which one meets your standards. Also, check the cost of doing the same job with other professionals to find out the one that fits your budget.


You may not be able to control what goes on with the weather, but you can be sure to get prepared for it. Getting your furnace properly maintained and repaired can save you in cold weather. You do not need to wait till your heating system gets totally bad before you fix it. You can go ahead and contact servicemen around you to check out your heating system.

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