Various Types of Commercial Labels

Labels are, of course, important, as they convey product information, among other things and in this short article, we delve into the different types of labels used in business today.

Types of Commercial Labels

Food product label –

Standard food product labels must, by law, contain ingredient information, weight, and expiry date. Different countries have different laws regarding product labels, so you need to enquire with your government regarding what information is contained within food labels.

Internal labels –

Labels are often used to convey internal information, such as department, date of manufacture etc. Barcodes can be classed as internal labels, as they register a product into a database. Internal labels are usually removable, with weak adhesive that enables the label to be peeled off when not in use. You might need specialist help to print direct thermal shipping labels, which can be carried out by leading label producers.

Barcode labels –

Typically used to log a product into a database; barcodes are used in the retail sector to keep track of stock/inventory. The database would be able to tell you if the product has been sold, is on the shelves, or is in the warehouse.

Warning labels –

Some products require warning labels; this would be stipulated by the government and labels must follow a specific set of guidelines. They may require bold text with the word ‘WARNING’ printed in large letters, along with important product information.

Marketing & advertising labels –

Some labels are purely for sales or marketing purposes and these are generally removed at a certain point in the chain. Products that are nearing the expiration date might be on special offer, which can be designated by a label.

Training labels –

Mainly used in F&B, training labels would be used to show staff how a finished dish should look. Of course, training labels can be removed and re-stuck and are essential for on-the-job training, usually with waiting staff. Click here for tips to reduce your personal outgoings.

Category labels –

When products are classified into groups, which happens with customs and excise, they typically use coloured stickers. These labels would be reusable and have special adhesive to suit their use.

Address labels –

Of course, address labels are used in the logistics sector, which might also contain digital data for a sorting system. There are label producers that design and print specific labels for a range of industries and they can design any kind of label and print as many as you need.

Whatever your labelling needs, search online for a leading Australian label supplier and they will be able to create bespoke labels for your business. With the right labels, your business runs smoothly and bulk orders ensure that you never run out.

Internal labels are used in a multitude of ways and without them, businesses would find it hard to operate, while retail and warning labels are required by law. All labels need to exceed government guidelines and they are inspected by different departments to ensure they contain the correct information.


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