Should I Use React Native to Build Mobile Apps?

If you’re wondering whether or not React Native will be a good fit for your mobile app development project, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be going over various aspects of React Native, and when you should use it for mobile app development.

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What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that gives you the ability to build native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Therefore, the code will be written in JavaScript, and the mobile application is rendered in native code. So, you might ask yourself, how does that help me as a business or app owner?

Why You Should Use React Native

Shorter Development Time – With React Native, developers only need to write code once, and it can be distributed across both Android and iOS. This alone will help increase the speed of development significantly. Therefore, no more writing codes twice to handle two platforms. To make things even better, with the release of React Native version 0.61, we can now utilize fast refresh to see our changes as soon as they are saved. With the power of JavaScript, React Native made it possible for us to integrate at lighting speeds.

Also, rapid code delivery allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by shipping innovative products first to the market. So, the question is, do you want to reduce the time to market for your application?

Smaller Teams – Imagine working with a smaller team, but being able to achieve the same results. With React Native, you can now hire one JavaScript developer instead of one Android developer and one iOS developer. Being able to reduce the number of developers with platform-specific skills, which in turn reduces the cost of delivery for businesses. However, keep in mind that this considering that you’re using React Native for the right projects and don’t need too much native bridging.

Lower Cost of Development – All the previous factors contribute to one critical business advantage of React Native over native development. The lower cost of creating an application. React Native allows you to do the same result as native, but faster. The framework streamlines not only the coding but also product updates and product delivery to the end-users. As a result, it leads to more cost reductions.

Furthermore, React Native is fully open-sourced, easily accessible to anyone, and does not require any platform-specific IDE. This saves you the hassle of the licensing fee. Don’t forget that all open-source development tools and libraries are available for free, thanks to the massive community behind React Native.

Community – React Native is a young framework, but it’s always under active development. Both Facebook and the massive community behind React Native are continually improving the framework. Companies such as Wix and Microsoft are investing a lot in React Native. You can also quickly get help through different channels if you’re facing issues with development. There’s a React Native community Q&A Facebook group, the Reactflux Discord channel, and the React Native Spectrum. You also have some other communities that are active contributors like Callstack, Infinite Red, and Expo.

No Compromise on User Experience –

React Native lets you create genuine native apps. Components that are used in React Native are mapped directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks. So, it’s not a hybrid app that uses webview to fit a mobile website into a mobile app. This provides much better performance compared to hybrid mobile applications. A truly native look and feel that provides a better user experience. Remember, not to compromise on UX because this is one of the ways you can retain users and keep them coming back.

In Summary

If you’re thinking about making a multi-dimensional mobile app that is user-friendly, React Native is the best solution. From start-ups to large enterprises, people are looking at mobile applications rather than only using web pages. Mobile app development applications work in a completely different way when compared to web apps. Therefore, when you need a reliable, quick approach to mobile app development, React Native is a great framework to utilize. If you’re in need of react native developers, contact Ecodelogic today.

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