Top 5 Framing Shops in Singapore

The island-nation of Singapore boasts a vibrant tapestry of culture and creativity. Wander its streets and you’ll find a thriving arts scene that rivals global heavyweights. Within this world of artistry, an unsung hero often goes unnoticed: the frame. Beyond mere decoration, a quality frame acts as the guardian of art, preserving both the piece and the memories it holds.

The Art of Framing: Why It Matters

Frames are to art what jewelry is to an outfit. They accentuate, complement, and can dramatically alter the perception of a piece. By adding depth and setting boundaries, a frame guides a viewer’s eye, ensuring the artwork remains the focal point.

Over time, environmental factors such as humidity, dust, and light can deteriorate art. A robust frame, paired with appropriate glazing, acts as a protective barrier. Additionally, a professionally framed artwork often appraises higher in value than its unframed counterpart.

How they add a unique touch to your space: Custom frames, tailored to one’s personal aesthetic or the nuances of a particular artwork, can transform ordinary spaces into galleries of personal expression.

Framing Shops in Singapore

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Framing Shop

Delicate silk paintings, vintage photographs, or textured oil works all demand distinct care. A worthy framing shop will have the requisite expertise for diverse art forms.

From UV-protective glass to acid-free mats, the components that constitute a frame play a pivotal role in its functionality.

The palette of options, from moulding designs to mat colors, can turn a frame from standard to standout.

The time dedicated to perfecting a frame should strike a balance: neither rushed nor overly protracted.

While cost is a consideration, remember that a well-framed piece is both an investment in the artwork and a testament to one’s taste.

The List of Top 6 Framing Shops in Singapore

1. Ansa Picture Framing:

Born in the bustling alleys of Orchard Road in 1990, Ansa Picture Framing emerged as a visionary endeavor aimed at revolutionizing the framing realm. Its journey from a quaint corner shop to an iconic establishment has been a testament to its dedication.

Ansa’s commitment to innovation is palpable in its avant-garde frames that often blend traditional materials with modern design philosophies. Their hand-carved teak frames juxtaposed with sleek metallic finishes exemplify this harmonious blend.

Local art enthusiast, Jayshree Kumar, shared, “Ansa’s ability to breathe life into even the simplest of paintings is exceptional.” They’ve notably framed the historic “Cityscapes of Singapore,” which now graces the National Museum.

Location: 29 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219164

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30AM–8:30PM

2. Talent Arts Frame Makers:

This establishment is synonymous with meticulousness. From the initial consultation to the final piece, every step bears an imprint of their commitment to excellence.

They are specializing in vintage restoration, they’re adept at preserving the old-world charm while infusing modern durability. Their use of ethically sourced mahogany and recycled polystyrene speaks volumes of their sustainability commitment.

Celebrated local painter, Radhika Menon, opines, “The depth of their knowledge, coupled with their ecological commitment, makes them a rare gem.”

Location: Check from here

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30AM–8:30PM

3. Frame It:

What started in 2005 as a pet project by art aficionados Rachael and Lin, transformed into ‘Frame It’, a sanctuary for art and its lovers.

They believe that each artwork tells a unique story, and its frame should be its worthy companion. Their bespoke framing solutions, tailored to each piece’s narrative, ensure that the story never fades. From framing exhibits for budding artists to collaborating with established names for global exhibitions, their portfolio is both diverse and distinguished.

Location: 120 Lower Delta Road 08-01/02 Cendex Centre, Singapore 169208

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 10AM – 6PM

4. SG Frames:

Their design philosophy is a melting pot of Singapore’s diverse culture. A harmonious blend of the East and West, the traditional and contemporary, reflects in their every creation.

From rich, rustic teaks to contemporary metallics, their range of materials caters to diverse artistic palettes. The versatility in design ensures every artwork finds its rightful frame. Their affordable pricing without skimping on quality makes them a favorite. As local entrepreneur David Tan puts it, “SG Frames masterfully balances cost, quality, and design.”

Location: 228 South Bridge Road Beside: Masjid Jamae (Chulia Beside:, Pagoda St, Singapore 058777

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday: 10AM–7PM

Friday: 10AM–1PM, 2–7PM

Sunday: 11AM–3PM

5. Merlin Frame Maker:

With an unwavering dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, Merlin isn’t just a business; it’s a craft preservation initiative. Known for intricate carvings and specialty finishes, their frames aren’t just protective boundaries; they’re artworks in their own right.

Their collaborations with prominent art institutions and renowned artists, like the famed ink painter, Lee Hui, have produced pieces that are now iconic in Singapore’s art circuit.

Location: 292 River Valley Rd, #01-00, Singapore 238333

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:30AM–7:30PM

Sunday: 12–5PM


The dance between art and its frame is as intimate as it is intricate. One elevates the other, creating a visual symphony for onlookers. For those who cherish art, investing in exceptional framing is non-negotiable. With illustrious framing boutiques like the ones in Singapore, every piece of art can find its perfect partner.

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