5 Very Cool Things You Can Do Only With Photographs

You can do more with your photos than just post them on Instagram. You can use them to adorn your home, make photo gifts for your friends, or make something extremely special out of them. We’ve got you covered if you’ve just completed categorizing your photo collection and are looking for ways to make the most of it. Scroll down for digital and printed photo ideas, as well as bonus recommendations for turning your vintage photographs into something bespoke.


So what can you do with your photos — digital or otherwise?

Our phones, tablets, and PCs can now store gigabytes of data thanks to technological advancements. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of people want to keep their photos hidden away digitally.  Here are some really fun things you can do with your photos if you are someone who thinks outside the box:

1. Turn them into postcards

Make digital postcards out of your photos by being creative. Photoscape, Pixlr, Fotor, or other photo editing software can help you do this on your computer or phone. Filters, text, frames, and other embellishments can all be added. Postcards are a fun way to express your feelings, and you can print and send them the old-fashioned way if you like. Here are some suggestions:

-make a comic collage for your best buddy’s birthday and share it on Facebook -surprise a friend in another nation with a postcard update of your life

2. Turn them into paintings

Photo To Painting

Why so secretive about your photos? They should be something you’re proud of.

Instead of just pinning them to a corkboard, why not go a mile further and get a portrait painting of your photos. You can even convert your wall art into a live gallery wall. Change the photos and elements around your wall art as often as you wish to create a new gallery wall every month. A great option to hang your wall art is to just go all-in with a hammer and nails to hang it. Another option is to get a smaller portrait painted that will sit perfectly on your nightstand.

3. Recreate them

Have you ever looked at your childhood photos and wondered what became of the locations where they were taken? What has changed about the people who were in them? Recreate the scene by going to the same places in identical attire, copying your look, and posing. Make a day of it by bringing your friends and family! Then make a collage with the “before” and “after” shots and post it on Instagram. Believe me, you might just start a trend altogether with this idea.

4. Restore them

If you have photos of your great-great-grandparents in your photo vault and the ravages of time haven’t been too gentle on them it’s time to save them. You can either go two ways with this idea; one is to restore a digitized version with a desktop photo editor if not the mobile editor apps. The other is to get them handpainted which actually is the rawest form of photo capturing tool there ever has been. Painting your photos not just converts them into brand new reprints with revived colors but also now you can live without any worries of any future possible wrinkles and stains. PortraitFlip not just paints your photos but also customizes them to your will.

5. Turn them into scrapbooks

Fan of the polaroids or Instax photos? You can turn those beautiful and unapologetically pleasing candids into a scrapbook. To enhance it’s aesthetic you can add stickers, dried flowers, colorful tape, scribbled remarks, or drawings to it.

To conclude:

You can recycle photos that you’ve already used or have laying around. All you have to do is be creative enough. If you too are a photo hoarder and cannot let go of even the ones that look impossible to retain – hazy, unrecognizable photos with no photographic merit. You clearly were letting go of gold.

All photos deserve a second chance and some of these ideas are plenty of fun to do. The outcome is rewarding as well.

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