5 Asbestos-based Products Available In The Market

By the time thousands of talcum powder lawsuits have been filed against a giant brand like Johnson & Johnson, asbestos had become the major talk of the town. And it should be treated as a major concern as it has already taken many lives away while many other women continue to suffer.

Many studies have confirmed the connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer but may not be familiar with what exactly the culprit ingredient is – Asbestos!

Asbestos-based Products

So, here is something to fuel your knowledge bars.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a cluster of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals made up of needle-like white, blue, or brown colored- fibers. The white-colored asbestos is referred to as Chrysotile, brown ones are amosite, and the remaining blue asbestos is called crocidolite.

These fibers are soft & fragile and highly resistant to electricity, corrosion, and heat. It can damage several body cells risking a human body to develop a life-taking disease like cancer.

Products Containing Asbestos-

Sadly, just for the sake of obtaining a perfect texture, there are globally recognized brands like J&J using harmful asbestos elements in their range of skincare products.

However, the EPA banned asbestos but at the same time, it did not cover all beauty or skincare products. Resulting, the public has to bear the side-effects and eventually in some worst cases have to end up giving their lives.

Here is a series of 5 commonly available products that still contain a certain amount of asbestos.

Talcum Powder-

After the hype of talcum powder cancer cases, it has been found that J&J baby talcum powder has asbestos elements causing ovarian cancer. Once this case came into light, J&J had to pay a hefty amount in billions to the sufferers. As a result, J&J received legal orders to shut the production and sales of the baby talcum powder immediately.

However, after constant legal lawsuits & complaints, J&J omitted asbestos from the fresh slot of baby talcum powder production yet it is highly advisable to use this product after medical consultation only.

Fire Safety Products-

To control any mishappening at your place, people often keep fireproof products to protect themselves, their family & property. Where these fireproof products prove life-saving, they also contain a high amount of asbestos fibers as they are natural fire-repellent.

While exposed to heat, asbestos mixes in air and makes it more contaminating. It not just makes breathing difficult for human beings but increases the chances of developing deadly diseases like mesothelioma.

Fire products like- spray-on fireproof, fire curtains and blankets contain asbestos.

Construction Material-

For workers and those who are associated with the construction business, obtaining lung cancer and other serious health issues is quite common. Most of the buildings constructed before 1980 contain a high amount of asbestos in the paint, insulation, plaster, and floor.

It not just weakens the building strength but affects those who come in contact with it. To prevent your body from asbestos, it is advisable to wear safety gear like face masks with filters

Laboratory Equipment-

If you work in science labs, you may come under the risk of getting easily exposed to asbestos as the tabletops and hoods contain asbestos particles. To avoid getting in contact with it, wear fireproof gloves and jackets during the experiments.

Vehicle Spare Parts-

There are different car parts like- pipes, gaskets, clutches, and brake pads that contain asbestos. Right from a motorcycle to trucks, almost every vehicle contains sufficient amounts of asbestos making the mechanics suffer from lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma later.

Unknowingly or knowingly, we all must have come in contact with such products in life so far. To avoid the side-effects of asbestos, make sure you undergo medical proceedings or maintain distance from the above-mentioned product categories.


As there are several reputed brands which have been found selling beauty or baby skincare products containing a decent amount of asbestos, keep a thorough check of product ingredients or components.

Look for organic products or go for home remedies. This is the best way to prevent the risk of getting your body contaminated by harmful elements.


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