Dinah Mattingly – larry bird’s wife Age, Height, Wiki Bio and little known facts

Dinah Mattingly was born in the year 1954 and she celebrates her birthday on 16th November her birthplace is West Baden Springs, Indiana. She was born as a sixth child to Georgia Bird and Claude Joseph Bird. Since she has disclosed her personal details about childhood it’s really hard to get details about her early-stage information. The known information about her family and early life is that her father attempted suicide a year after her marriage.

Dinah Mattingly

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Dinah mattingly ( larry bird’s wife ) Age, Height, Wiki Bio and little known facts

Career life of Dinah Mattingly

Dinah Mattingly was hardly seen in public shows and events and she kept her profile a secret. It was very difficult to find out and there was a lot of information about her husband. Dinah mostly keeps her profile closed which is not known by most people. Dinah literally got her fame when she dated her husband.

Relationships of Dinah Mattingly

Dinah met Larry Bird while studying in college and they both went to Indiana State University which is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Larry Bird was a successful basketball player and he loved his career in becoming an NBA team. The draft which took place in the year 1978 was actually the 6th one. Then, he played for the Boston Celtics in the year 1979, and got his retirement as a player in the year 1992.

After a successful dating life, they got married in the year 1988 on the 31st of October in Indiana, United States. The couple just invited a few close relatives and friends to their wedding. Then they adopted a son and daughter.

Hobbies and Interests of Dinah Mattingly

There are no particular details about her hobbies and interest that were completely disclosed to her. A specific known fact is that she likes to watch basketball games with her husband.

Net Worth of Dinah Mattingly

The net worth of Dinah is about $1 million USD dollars. Since her husband is an NBA team champion and has won many awards for the team. He was a member of the US National team dubbed to dream for the “The Dream team” in the year 1992 Summer Olympics.

Unknown Facts of Dinah Mattingly

  • The adopted son of the couple got into a controversy regarding murder and was arrested by the police and released for not getting any proper evidence.
  • The gaming operation took place face to face and the position in which the NBA team got into the regular sessions.
  • It was totally made as to the confirmed retirement of Larry Bird which made his fans feel about his information.
  • Larry was the coach to get the better team for MVP and became the executive source of the year.

Bottom line

Dinah has been the wife of Larry for about 3 decades and he said that she was the greatest woman he has ever met. She is too really into social media where she was fully concentrated on the game played by her husband and her son. They always make her day by entertaining always.

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