Is It Time To Purchase An Electric Vehicle?

Fossil fuels are made from dinosaurs, and we all know what happened to them. Has the time come for vehicles that run on fossil fuels to go out the same way? It’s beginning to look like their extinction is coming sooner than later. Maybe it’s time to stop driving that old dinosaur, and get yourself an electric vehicle!

Is It Time To Purchase An Electric Vehicle?

Going electric

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have been around for quite a while now, but there were a few factors that made owning one seem like it might be more trouble than it was worth. The first impediment was sticker shock, the prices were high voltage! Well, there’s good news on that front, it’s predicted that by the mid-2020s, the price of an EV is going to match that of an internal combustion engine vehicle. With that in mind, let’s think about how much fossil fuels are rising in price as they grow scarcer, and about the day in the not-too-far-distant future they eventually run out. Driving an EV is going to save you money now, not just in the long run because EV charging costs are three times less expensive per mile than fuelling up a petrol-powered dinosaur! Now, it is true that EVs are still about 1/4 more expensive than a standard petrol-driven vehicle, but fear not, because help is available! You can use the Novated Lease Calculator to estimate how much you would have to pay monthly if you use their excellent and highly affordable purchasing plan.

Getting from here to way over there

At one time giving your EV a charge was a big concern, but no longer! Technology has improved to the point where an EV can travel around 400 km at 112 km- that’s about the same as a petrol-powered car, so good news for EVs as well as the environment! Another concern of the past was where to get that charge. The Australian government, to transition to a net zero emissions future, is focusing on the integration of EVs with the electricity grid and supporting the emergence of power stations across the country.

The benefits of EVs

  • Fuel cost reduction free from rising petrol costs, with sunlight and wind energy reducing the price of electricity
  • Maintenance cost reduction due to the simplicity of an electric motor system
  • Air pollution reduction, no more stench of carbon dioxide on the road
  • The securement of a renewable energy future as we become independent of imported fuels.
  • A clean, quiet experience for both the driver and pedestrians due to the quietness of the electric motor
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved performance since EVs are lighter and capable of faster acceleration

More than seven million EVs have been purchased worldwide and the number increases daily. Don’t join the dinosaurs and their fossil fuels in extinction, electric vehicles are here to stay, so get charged up and head for the future!

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