How to Master Essay Writing in 10 Simple Steps

For many students, writing essays can create a huge amount of anxiety and stress. However, writing is something that you’re probably going to have to do during your student life. If you find that you need some extra help in mastering essay writing then keep on reading as we will provide you with some tips that will help you to complete your writing task.

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Make sure you understand what is required

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you understand the essay question. Even if you produce a well-thought-out essay, you will end up with an inadequate grade if you fail to answer the question at hand. Begin by breaking down the question into two parts. First, think about what the question is asking you directly. With this in mind think about the topic and what research you need to undertake in order to understand the topic. You also need to think about how long you think your essay will take to complete. Learn How To Calculate The Angular Velocity Formula.

The next thing you need to do is think about what the question is asking indirectly. For example, you need to add the opinion of credible sources and even your own opinion. You also need to think about how you can link your essay to what you have studied in class.

You’ll also find that there are some quite common phrases that are found in essay questions and these phrases change what’s expected in your essay. You may be asked for example to critically evaluate an approach, evaluate the usefulness of an aspect, or compare and contrast. Bear in mind which of these your essay needs; this will tell you the way your essay needs to be written. Explore the beauty of cursive writing at

Your thesis statement

Your essay will begin with a thesis statement and this will guide your whole essay. Consider what you want to argue in your essay. Make sure your thesis is concise but includes all the points you are going to address in your essay. When you actually write your essay, it’s crucial to make sure that you stick to your main points and refer to your thesis statement.

Find a buddy

If you can find someone to work with then this is a great idea. As well as working together, you can ensure that you both help each other to achieve the best of your ability.

Create an outline

Before you begin work on your essay, you need an outline so that you plan out your essay before you start writing. Again, start at your thesis statement and jot down how you expect your essay to flow and what you will include in your essay. By doing this it will be much easier when it comes to drafting your essay. If you require some assistance when it comes to creating an outline then always bear in mind that you can turn for professional essay writing help at a service you can fully rely on – CustomWritings, for example.

Start with the main body

Many students start with the introduction but the introduction is one of the hardest parts of an essay to write so avoid this and leave the introduction until later. If you begin work on the main body, you’ll find that you’ll be able to use this to help you to create your introduction at a later point.

Topic sentences

Every paragraph that you write needs to start with a topic sentence and this will highlight the main idea that will be covered in each paragraph. Your paragraphs also need to include quotations or information that is relevant which argues your thesis statement as well as your topic sentence. Learn about Spanish Verb Seguir Conjugation.


In order to make your essay credible and to support the argument that you are posing, you need to ensure you use credible sources and quotes. It’s vital to make sure that these are credible so consider your sources well and use scholarly sources i.e. textbooks and academic journals. Avoid using forums, magazine items, or online sources that have not been verified. Google Scholar is a good place to start to check the credibility of sources.

Be real

There’s no point in pretending that you understand your topic if you don’t as your lecturer will be able to spot this. Also, remember not to use filler to make your essay fatter. It’s important that every sentence in your essay adds positivity to your work and if you think that’s a sentence doesn’t have a purpose, then remove it. Your lecturer would prefer you to have produced an essay that’s well written, even if it’s shorter than it should be as opposed to an essay that hits the word length but is full of pointless sentences.

Concluding your work

It’s important to make sure that your conclusion begins by highlighting your thesis statement. In your conclusion, you will need to tie together all of your main points. A conclusion that’s well written will re-evaluate the main arguments in each paragraph concisely as this will help argue your thesis statement.


Proofreading is vital when completing an essay. If an essay is full of spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, many lecturers will not want to look over it. If proofreading is something that you need assistance with, then consider the tips below to help you improve this aspect of your writing:

Make sure you print out your essay and then read it.  You could even read it to your friends or parents or even ask them to read it as a second pair of eyes can sometimes pick up on any mistakes that you can easily miss.

Read your essay out aloud as this helps you to pick up on any grammar mistakes. If you find that when you read it out aloud and something does not sound right, then it probably needs correcting. Learn about Chain Of Infection Definition?

Remove any conjunctions such as ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’. Conjunctions don’t have a place in academic writing and you’ll also find that removing conjunctions will make your essay longer.

Essay writing can be difficult for students of all levels. However, if you take the above tips into consideration you will find that the process of writing your essay will become easier and it will not be as scary.

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