Top 5 Benefits of Using a Ductless AC System

Approximately 90% of U.S. homes have air conditioning, leaving only 10% without it.

Some homes have forced-air HVAC systems which use ducts to heat and cool the space. Other homes have window AC units. However, there’s another option: a ductless AC system.

Ductless AC systems are ideal for homes without air ducts but also great for homes with ducts.

Check out this article to learn the top five benefits of ductless AC systems.

Ductless AC System

1. No Ducts, No Problem

While you’ll discover that ductless AC systems offer many benefits, the primary benefit is they don’t require air ducts. As a result, they’re ideal for homes without air ducts.

Installing air ducts is necessary when choosing a central AC system. However, ductless AC costs are much less because they won’t require installing ducts.

You can choose from various types of ductless ACs to learn more. For example, look at Mitsubishi ductless AC cost vs. other options. Mitsubishi offers the best choice for a ductless system.

2. Easy Installation

Ductless AC installation is fast and easy. Technicians can install a ductless system in only a few hours, primarily because they only have a few components.

The first component is the outdoor unit. HVAC companies often refer to these systems as split-AC systems. This is because they have two primary parts: the outdoor part and the indoor part.

A technician places the outdoor component next to your home. Next, they install the indoor component.

This part of this system contains the system’s controls. It also is the part that blows the cold air into your home.

3. Multiple Zones

With central AC, most homeowners generally have one thermostat which controls the entire house. Fortunately, you can install several indoor components in your home with a ductless system.

Each indoor component has controls, allowing multiple zones in your home. If you look up ductless AC pros and cons, this is one of the top benefits you’ll discover.

4. Energy Efficient

Before choosing this option, consider a ductless AC energy efficiency rating. When researching energy efficiency, you’ll discover that ductless systems are highly efficient. As a result, you won’t spend a lot on cooling costs.

5. Low Maintenance

Central AC systems require routine maintenance and repairs. While ductless systems also require maintenance and repairs, they generally require little maintenance compared to central AC systems.

You should get a general inspection of your ductless system yearly. A technician can check all the components to ensure it’s working properly during this visit.

You might occasionally encounter problems with a ductless system, as you would with any system. However, repairing ductless systems is affordable, especially compared to other types of AC systems.

Consider a Ductless AC System

A ductless AC system is efficient, affordable, and ideal for homeowners who need air conditioning. It’s also the best solution for homes without air ducts.

So if you’re one of the 10% of homeowners without air conditioning, this be the best choice for you.

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