5 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Apps for Learning

Modern learning process becomes more and more digital every year. While teachers use new technologies in schools and universities, students use new learning apps to study.

Online education is a great opportunity for all people to develop themselves. Mobile apps for learning become more popular every year. This market gains more profit year after year. According to Statista, in 2014, the market size of this sphere was $165.36 million. In 2022, it is considered to be around 1.5 times bigger – $243.8 million. Sounds significant, doesn’t it?

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E-learning – A New Mobile App Trend?

E-learning has become a new trend among mobile apps developers. In 2020, it was reported that there are more than 200.000 educational mobile apps in the Apple Store. What is meant under an “e-learning” term?

E-learning is about education combined with modern technologies. Mobile applications for learning can surely be named a part of e-learning, which was developing rapidly for the last two years.

The current unstable state of the world’s educational system only proves that e-learning is required. It brings new opportunities and helps to expand the ones that already exist. So, yes, it is a fact that e-learning, especially educational mobile apps, is a new 2021 trend.

Must-Have Features of Mobile Apps for Learning

As any other mobile app, educational apps have special features that help to gain new users and be useful to them. In the table below you can look through must-have educational mobile apps features, and why they are important.

A featureWhat is it for?
A classroomIt is required for both teachers and students to follow the course, download tasks and control their progress
A notification systemIt helps to remind a student that a time to study has come.
Test functionThis feature may not be student’s favourite, but it is required in order to monitor a progress of a student through a course
GamesSuch a feature helps users to feel less stressed during the learning process. Also, implementing an achievement system helps to motivate users to continue their studies.

Remember that this list is far from complete. When you feel that you have a good idea for a new educational mobile app, or some interesting features for it, make sure to contact Diversido. This team of developers will help you make your ideas a new reality.

Reasons to Use Mobile Apps for Learning

As anything else around us, everything has some meaning and reasons to exist. Let’s go through the main reasons for you to use mobile apps for learning so that we can see why mobile apps are important in this sphere:

1. Availability.

Modern learning mobile apps let a user study whenever and wherever they are. In some cases, a stable Internet connection is not required, a user can download a course to look through it later.

2. Push-notifications.

Such notifications in learning apps help a user not to forget to study. Truth to be told, they can be quite annoying like an alarm clock in the morning. Still, such push-notifications help a user to form a habit to study. And, to form a habit, it takes about 30 days.

3. VR-technology and gamification.

Due to the modern pandemic, students cannot attend their practice classes offline. For some of them it is not a problem, for example, for economists or lawyers. But for some professions physical practice is important. How can a doctor heal a person only by reading books about it?

Modern VR-technologies, combined with learning mobile apps, can help a student to at least take a look at his/her future job. It is a great possibility not only for doctors, but scientists, inventors, mechanical engineers, and many other students who require physical knowledge.

4. Broad choice of topics.

By using mobile apps for learning, a user can participate in any course he/she wants. Such an opportunity gives students a broad spectrum of potential, which helps them understand what they want to do in this life.

5. Development of self-discipline.

Push-notifications help a user to form a habit of learning in a 30 days period. But it is not the only way for a user to self-discipline himself. Using learning apps helps a person to create a schedule and plan his/her actions beforehand. It is especially useful to people who always don’t have time to do everything they need to.

Famous Mobile Apps You Should Keep in Mind

If you wish to learn something new online, there are some apps you should have on your smartphone from the beginning:

  • This app is a world-famous assistant to all people who learn foreign languages. It helps to study grammar, lexics, phonetica, and orthographics of a language and helps to pronunciate words in a correct way. An app reminds a user to spend 20 minutes everyday studying so that he/she doesn’t skip a class.
  • TED mobile is a free app that operates as a library of TED speeches. Here a user can get free access to different types of speeches about art, science, education, psychology, etc.
  • Wikipedia and Britannica. Both these apps are online free-access libraries, where a user can find articles about anything in more than 200 languages. These are great mobile apps for those who like to read something new all the time. That is why every day they recommend new articles based on a user’s reading history.
  • This mobile app is a library of online courses created by lecturers from different universities around the world. Want to study basic Chinese? A lecturer from a Beijing university will explain everything. The oral speech course? Choose between teachers from the USA or France. Also, the certificates Coursera gives a user at the end of each course are legally recognized by universities.

To summarize, mobile apps for learning are a useful educational tendency, which can let a lot of people get access to modern education. Also, it is a great opportunity for the developers, whose apps can get new users with no problem. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

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