Moving is a life-changing event in a person’s life, but when not managed properly, it may easily become a stress-inducing nightmare. No wonder many people find it more troubling than separation from their partner.

However, migrating to another location becomes unavoidable sometimes. For instance, if you live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where the cost of living is 22% higher than the national average, relocation seems like the only option in this economy.

So, how do you ensure a stress-free transition to your new home out of Florida?


This article can help you organize a smooth move to a new location. Whether you’re moving close by or long-distance, follow these tips to make your move away from Fort Lauderdale a successful adventure:

1. Start planning it early

Just like the early bird gets the worm, early planners get it all together smoothly. Moving seems like a stress-inducing chore because most people don’t plan for it properly. They postpone the more-than-necessary preparations until the moving date draws near. Then they go into panic mode and start biting their fingernails out of sheer frustration.

So, the key to organizing your move smoothly lies in planning it with your family at least a few months in advance.

2. Hire reliable local movers

Whether moving a few miles away or planning a long-distance journey, hire reliable movers bellevue to transport your luggage. With a lot of Fort Lauderdale residents leaving the city, several moving companies operate in the Venice of America. Data shows that the city’s population has been declining since 2021 by -0.57% as many residents choose to live in more affordable places.

So if you’re among these residents, look for a reliable long distance moving company in Fort Lauderdale to help with your move. Find different local movers, receive free estimates, and compare these quotes to go with the best one. Only work with BBB-accredited and experienced movers to trust with your move out of Fort Lauderdale.

3. Pack your stuff properly

Can you guess which part of moving is deemed the most stress-inducing? It’s the packing part. People find it difficult to pack their entire livelihoods in boxes and then unpack everything in the new house. However, a few simple tips will make packing an easy and simple chore:

  • Start packing one room at a time and begin with the least-used one first.
  • Use newspaper to wrap all fragile stuff and place light items on heavier ones.
  • Label all your boxes carefully to place the boxes in the appropriate rooms when unpacking.
  • Take pictures of your stuff for insurance if the movers lose or damage anything.

4. Shred your extra baggage

Relocation is a great excuse to declutter and throw away all the unnecessary items that are just taking up space in your basement. Carrying fewer items to your new home means you’ll have to pay less to the moving company. Also, decluttering will reduce the number of objects you pack when planning this move. Some homeowners donate items – such as unused clothes, old books, and worn-out furniture – or peddle them in a yard sale. How about keeping them in a storage facility?

Look around Fort Lauderdale, and you’ll find many storage facilities in the neighborhood. Humidity-controlled self-storage units will safeguard your belongings, and you can come to fetch them later.

5. Update your address promptly

Update your address before moving and notify all relevant parties of your intention to relocate. Ensure your friends, acquaintances, and extended family know your new address. You may also want to notify the post office, insurance providers, and financial institutions.

Similarly, update your address with government agencies and renew your driver’s license. If you have relocated to another state, you must update your voter registration. Taking care of these crucial updates promises a smooth transition, and you won’t lose any important mail either.

6. Pack an overnight bag

How would you spend your first night in your new home? What to do if you arrive at your destination before the movers?

The solution lies in packing an overnight bag of essentials. You can fill this bag with everything you need to spend your first night in the new home comfortably, such as extra clothes, meds, phone charges, and basic utensils. Carry this bag on your person when traveling to your new property.

You should also pack your valuables – jewelry and documents – in the same bag to secure these valuable objects. Don’t risk sending these docs off with the movers who may lose them.

7. Transfer services

Scheduling the removal and/or installation of utilities promises a smooth transition. Since an average American moves five times on average during their lifetime – either as a tenant or homeowner – you may have an idea how frustrating it is to move into a home without gas, water, or electricity. That’s why you should contact your utility providers and ask them to either cancel their services or switch them to your new location. Ensure your new house has all essential utilities before the moving date.

8. Prepare your new home

In the end, you should prepare your new house and turn it into a livable place for your family. A new home needs to be repainted, renovated, and deep-cleaned. Only then can your family move in and live there comfortably. That’s why you should contact deep-cleaning professionals and make sure they remove dirt, dust, and grime from every area. Make your house energy-efficient by installing LEDS and replacing traditional appliances with energy-saving ones to reduce utility bills.

Most importantly, change all the locks because you don’t know who else has a key to your house. You shouldn’t risk the safety of your family. Install some new locks before moving.

In Conclusion

Here we conclude this blog on how to ensure a smooth transition from your house in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to organize your move in a stress-free manner. Pack your stuff the right way, rent storage facilities, and search for local movers to transport your stuff safely.

These simple tips will turn your relocation journey into a comfortable experience.

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