Three Reasons Why Arcades Thrive in Singapore

The gaming market is one of the rising technological industries in Singapore nowadays. It has been recorded that over $327.2 million have been spent by Singaporeans last 2019 for gaming. For every ten locals, eight would not hesitate to spend money on virtual goods or in-game items to level up. It has also been found that Singaporeans also spend more time playing games on their gadgets or in an arcade in Singapore than most nationalities in Asia. On average, a Singaporean gamer spends 7.44 hours per week playing games, which is an hour more than the usual playing time of its counterparts from other countries. What is the allure of the arcade? Read on to know why a lot of Singaporeans are engaged in this activity.

Three Reasons Why Arcades Thrive in Singapore

It is for everyone

A lot of people assume that this industry is a male-dominated platform. However, a recent survey in Singapore has shown that 86% of women from this country also engage in gaming.

It seemed that many women get hooked into gaming because gender does not matter when they are playing. Unlike other sports, arcade competitions and video gaming do not segregate men from women. As long as you are topping the scoreboard, then you are welcome to play.

It is an entertaining hangout activity

Did you know that arcade games were once banned in Singapore? However, in the 1990s, a lot of Singaporeans clamoured for more entertainment options, so many arcades started to operate in the city. Whether you are in downtown Parklane or the suburban streets of Ang Mo Kio, there is an arcade that you enter.

One of the unique characteristics of an arcade in Singapore is that it often houses or is adjacent to a steamboat restaurant. Playing and eating together is a recipe for good acquaintanceship. This distinct feature of Singaporean arcades makes them a sought after hangout place for many youngsters. It is not unusual for teenagers to spend a couple of hours with their friends at an arcade place and have a quick meal at a steamboat restaurant after.

Even playing video and mobile games at home is considered a bonding activity by those who do it with their friends. There is an abundance of gaming options that can be an avenue for social interaction. It is also an upside that a lot of competitive games require cooperation and communication between players to win.

It is supported and positively received

E-sport made a debut in the 2018 30th Southeast Asian Games, and since then, Singaporeans have developed an interest in this competitive platform. Its popularity increased, even more, when E-sport Festival Asia was held in the country, creating more players and supporters of E-sport. Nowadays, many young people in Singapore believe that E-sport can be a possible career choice since those who excel in it can earn multi-million by simply playing games.

A lot of developments have occurred in the gaming world. Before, Singaporeans only have access to it by going to arcade facilities. Now, they can play video and mobile games whenever and wherever they want. The popularity of the gaming industry in Singapore can be attributed to its inclusivity and ability to make people bond together. Its positive reception and worldwide acceptability have also helped younger Singaporeans engage more in gaming.

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