Is There Better Sunglasses for Golf?

Golf is not just a sport but a passion for people who play golf. It requires the lush green grass to be trimmed, the wind to be perfect, the pitch to be smooth. Sadly, golfers hardly ever get the perfect light for playing. This is because the scorching sun is always in their eyes. Golf is a game of precision and accuracy. How can it be possible if they are busy averting the sun? This is where sunglasses come into the picture. Sunglasses protect their eyes against the horrid sun and its radiations. This somewhat helps them see clearly through the bright light. However, these are not the best kind of shades available. Golfers require special kinds of shades different from the normal sports shades. They need to provide what is needed the most, comfort, protection, clarity and style.

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What is the difference?

Even though one can any day pick up a general pair of frames but why not go for the ones that can protect you on the green! They are high-quality shades packed with great technology to protect against the sun. Although the athletic glasses and these may look similar, there is a lot more thought put into them. One of the most special details about these shades is their ability to block out certain types of light.

It depends upon where and when you play. It’s hard to find out the difference between the clear blue sky and the green of the grass. But to hit a perfect shot, these intricacies should not exist. Special kinds of lenses are used in these sunglasses to avoid such disorientation. Different types of lenses are available like yellow and red, amber and grey, which help improve contrast on an overcast day and a bright sunny day respectively. A tint guide is usually used before buying these shades to know which weather they suit best.

Colour contrast is not the only way how these frames help golfers. As these golfers are always out in the hot and sun, their eyes face a lot of UV damage. These sunglasses protect their eyes against the same.

The fit of these sunglasses has to be accurate too. This is because throughout the game when the golfers keep the shades on to protect against the sun, they should not be falling off their faces. These glasses are like gear for a sportsperson. These sunglasses are made with peripheral protection which also helps in avoiding the blind spots.

What are the different technologies present?

On a bright sunny day, when one is playing golf, the sun is the enemy. It is even more frustrating to see the glare on the sunglasses. Polarized lenses help in reducing the intensity of this ugly glare. Sunglasses are polarized by coating the glass with a material that makes it scatter that light which helps reduce the intensity. These polarized lenses are extremely helpful on the green. It provides the clarity that is needed to play the game. One can also find them with an added layer of UV protection for the eyes.

A game of golf is not a small endeavour. It may take up until hours for it to get over. As the sun moves, the light changes. Normal sunglasses will make the task of differentiating through colours very difficult. Photochromatic lenses come into the picture. These lenses can change the tint level based on the intensity of light. Some glasses are too good for one to even notice the difference. As the sun grows bright, the tint grows dark and as the sun goes down, the tint fades away. Considering the technologies available, golfers must have a sunglasses collection for golf.


Golfers need their eyes to be on the game, comforted, for them to take a perfect shot. If they are squinting away from the sun, they cannot play to their best. There are specific sunglasses that are used for helping golfers protect their precious eyes against the sun. They are made up of different kinds of lenses to cut out certain lights. They are made to prevent the damage done by UV radiations. They have extended peripheral coverage to protect the eyes from the sides and avoid blindspots. A lot of technologies are used to provide clarity against the sun. These sunglasses are a blessing to all golfers for them to play what the

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