Why Great Support is Critical When Choosing a Web Host

To find a reliable and credible web hosting provider, one must identify what his business or website truly needs—understanding what factor to consider depends on your site’s preference, needs, budget, and essential aspects of an excellent web hosting. You have heard from other customers about the importance of uptime, security, and storage, but there’s one more vital factor that you have to always check before purchasing a web plan.

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Which Factor Is Vital When Selecting A Web Hosting Provider

For newcomers, a web host is as vital as designing your professional-looking website with an effective marketing strategy to boost its conversion rate. Without a reliable web host, your plans will go down the drain together with your ideas, efforts, and investments. However, finding the best hosting doesn’t necessarily mean going for the most expensive plan.

Generally, there are a few factors that must be a check on every web host: security, backups, uptime scores, server reliability, budget, and customer service. While the latter is always overlooked, it’s considered an essential factor you should never neglect regardless of how technically knowledgeable you are or not. There are a few web hosts known for providing the best and fastest support service.

You might think that you don’t need technical support until you are in an uncertain situation and you need someone who knows how to fix your website, aside from you. Good thing Mangomatter’s comparison of the most reliable web host is up to help every new and established developer and digital entrepreneurs decide which hosting offers the most excellent support team. That way, you know who you can count on should things go out of your control.

Customer Support

A web hosting should offer an easy to access support team to assist you 24/7, fast, and accurately. Find a provider that offers multiple support mechanisms like live chat support, phone support, or media visibility instead of ticketing or email support. Hosting services that offer in-house technical support departments can easily tend to your needs and resolve all your issues faster, which is beneficial not just for you but for your website performance.

Uptime Scores, Security, and Server Reliability

Unstable website connection and weak servers affect your site performance and ranking on search engines. It also affects your conversion rate and customer experience. A right web hosting provider is an excellent investment if you want to upscale your business or increase sales. Also, a web host that offers 99.99% guaranteed uptime can improve website accessibility and visibility across the globe.

Maintenance or Registration Costs

While web host providers that offer low registration fees are enticing, you also need to check their renewal rates as most offer higher renewal rates. While shared hosting is a good start, you’ll not stay there for good and will require an upgrade real soon, especially if you have an excellent marketing strategy.

Backup Availability

Securing your website files and information is vital, and your web host must also provide protection on your data. Check how often your web host backs up websites to prevent cyber threats and avoid irreplaceable damage not just to your files but to your system too. A hosting that offers regular backup is a good option.

Account Limitations

Ensure that web hosting terms and conditions are crystal clear and are suitable for your website needs and preference. That way you can avoid getting flagged, extra charges, temporary or even permanent disconnection from your web host.

Available Domains

When your website grows, it leads to diversification. While most start with one website and single domain, it’s vital to reconsider expansion as your business eventually grows. Pay attention to details, including adding subdomains, fees for this action, and more.

Email or eCommerce Options

Before registering to any web host plan, check whether it offers email hosting with your site’s primary email address for a more professional feel.

Why Technical Support Is A Top Priority?

The funny part is that, whether you like it or not, you’ll be getting in touch with your web host providers’ technical support team sooner or later. It doesn’t mean you don’t need any help but ‘when’ will you need assistance. While uptime score or server reliability is ideal, these factors won’t be as important if your hosting provider has a poor support team.

You will end up getting frustrated, which leads to a lost effort, time, and investment. If your website suddenly experiences a technical issue, whom should you call and fix it right away? If you are selling something, this can significantly affect your conversion rate, worse; your customer experiences are compromised and end up getting negative feedback, which, by the way, you would never want to happen.

Here’s how you can determine an excellent web hosting technical support:

  1. 24/7 Easy Access and Availability
  2. Guaranteed Fast Response Time
  3. Multiple Access Options
  4. Proactive Problem Solving Teams
  5. Insights, Ratings, or Reviews From Previous Customers


While you may not think of it as an essential factor yet, it’s vital to consider this factor as you will need assistance anytime to deal with your site issues. A comprehensive support system for your web host can secure your website and save you from frustrations. You will surely appreciate this aspect in case of uncertain situations.

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