7 reasons why Rishikesh should be on your must-visit list

Before moving forward with the seven best reasons why you must visit Rishikesh, there are some facts that you must know about the place under scrutiny. Rishikesh is located at the Himalayan foothills in Northern India. If you don’t know it already, the place is described as the ‘Gateway to the Himalayas.’ And that’s not all, it is also known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World.’ So you can expect not only fresh air, water, and a clean environment, but also the essence of overall wellness.

If you are spiritually inclined, you might just want to get enrolled in one of the most popular 300 hour yoga teacher training classes. One thing we can promise is that you will return from Rishikesh with a clear and stress-free mind.


But before that, let’s figure out why Rishikesh should be in your bucket list:

Street-Art like nowhere else

If you are an art lover, the street arts present in nearly every corner of the old town will surely attract your eyes. Considering Rishikesh is a spiritual city, not a lot of people expect to see street art on its walls. But again, art is a form of worship to God, as many artists believe so. What’s more interesting is that in Rishikesh, street art is not limited to the streets. Instead, many buildings showcase street art created on their structures. Hrishikesh is truly a city of God, and its art has given the ambiance a new personality.

Beatles Ashram

Now, there are very few music lovers who haven’t heard of the Beatles. John Lennon and his men have created timeless music that arouses emotions in the hearts of people across all ages. Even in the 21st century, the Beatles have a significant market share as far as western music is concerned. Now, interestingly, they had come to India for spiritual training, like most of the icons used to do in the 70s and 80s. In 1968, the entire band spent a couple of weeks in Rishikesh and meditated. They were inspired by the local beauty and overall spirituality, which led them to write songs for their ‘The White Album.’ Today, the ashram is still existent. Expect to see some amazing graffiti art on its interior walls.

Delightful food

First of all, let us warn you about the lack of meat and alcohol availability in Rishikesh. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t adequate food options for the food lovers. You get all types of cuisines all around Rishikesh. Be it Indian, Tibetian, German, Italian, or any other cuisine, you get it all in Rishikesh. If you are looking for some dishes that won many hearts, you must look for Banana Nutella Pancake, Thukpas, and Momos.

Yoga culture

Yoga originated in India, and slowly it spread to all parts of the world. Today, international pilgrims come to India to indulge in the spiritual journey that yoga and medication lead to. Also, you will have the greatest opportunity to explore your spiritual self, thanks to the availability of the top class Yoga center in Rishikesh. Simply get admitted to the best yoga school in Rishikesh and avail the course that lasts for a few weeks. If you intend to become a yoga teacher in the future, you may also want to look out for schools that offer the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. In this case, RishikeshYogpeeth can be particularly helpful.

Adventure sports

Okay! So now that you have calmed your mind using yoga and meditation, it’s time for some action and adventure. When you are living in the Himalayas, how can you not expect to get a plethora of adventure sports options? River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Cliff Jumping, Flying Fox, Jungle Camping, and Beach Camping are some of the special attractions of Rishikesh. So if your blood is young and if your mind seeks thrill at every opportunity, consider availing these amazingly thrilling experiences.

Places to visit

Rishikesh is full of tourist spots. Since it’s a spiritual city, you are most likely to come across numerous urban tales in every corner of the town. Take some time out to visit the Ram Jhula, LaxmanJhula, among many other popular tourist spots. If you can afford a personal scooter, you must hire one and travel to the winding mountain roads and explore the Himalayas like never before.


After experiencing Rishikesh’s spiritual essence, it’s time for some shopping. You get a plethora of shopping options, from street stores to shopping centers. There are Government-approved stores and Khadi, where you can get the most authentic handicraft that is developed by local artists; what’s more interesting is that everything is available at an affordable price.

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