Decluttering Kid’s Room This Spring

Although kids bring joy to the family, they can be a nuisance because they never seem to keep their room tidy. If it were possible, some parents would lock their children’s room and never open it again.

Starting the cleaning process is a challenge, especially if you think about the task ahead. If you find yourself in such a situation, here is how to declutter your kid’s room.

Decluttering Kids' Room

Involve Your Kids

It is essential to teach your kids about cleanliness and organization. The good thing about children is that they are often willing to participate, especially when you promise to reward them.

Another benefit of involving your youngsters in organizing their rooms is that it develops a sense of ownership. This motivates them to keep the place tidy.

Collect Unneeded Items

Kids tend to outgrow their clothes and shoes fast. When such items pile up, they can make a room appear cluttered. Ensure that you periodically collect these items and store them away. Later, you can donate them to a local charity.

Like clothes, your kid’s toy preferences change with time. You might discover that your child no longer likes playing with their toy car or doll. When this happens, take the toys to a local charity. If a particular piece is sentimental, package it in a memory box.

Set a Timer

Time is a precious resource that needs to be used optimally. By setting a timer, you condition your brain such that you complete the job faster. For instance, if you tell yourself that you have 15 minutes to do the task instead of the entire day, you will likely complete it faster. This is particularly useful for dreary jobs like decluttering your kid’s room.

Designate a ‘Home” for each Item

Kids have an innate ability to personify items. When decluttering their rooms, ask questions like, ‘should we keep this?’ or ‘where should we place this item?’ By taking this approach, your child will learn the ‘home’ of every item in their room, and they are more likely to place it there.

Invest in a Laundry Basket

Once your kid knows where to place every item, proceed to teach them where to keep dirty clothes. The best way to do this is by investing in a laundry basket. Ensure that they don’t mix clean clothes with dirty ones and that the basket is placed in an inconspicuous space, preferably at a corner.

Lead by Example

Children tend to copy what their parents do. Sometimes, you need to evaluate your habits to see if your kids are mirroring your behavior. Simply put, your kids cannot be organized if your bedroom and living room are filled with clutter. Even small actions, like storing your keys, can have a significant impact.


There is no denying that your kids’ room might appear disastrous sometimes. However, if you take the right approach and teach them how to organize themselves, you won’t have to do the hard work ever again. Ideally, it would be best if you started by setting the right example and organizing yourself.

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