5 Magical Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday

Have you seen the wide bright smile on your child’s face? Doesn’t it make your day? Well, yes. A child is so innocent that they can be happy in the smallest of things. And when we talk about their birthdays, they go gaga about it for over a month.

Now imagine that birthday is an occasion that they have been waiting for so long and you make it special. They will feel the most blessed child on the earth and will shower all their pure love on you without giving a second thought. Their bright smiles will also fill your lives with positivity.

As parents, we should always try to teach our children to find happiness in the little things. And birthdays are the best ways to teach that. Here are 5 magical ideas that don’t involve getting too many things but will still make them smile for the rest of the day.

Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday

1. Birthday compliments

Even as grown-ups, we love to listen to compliments. Then think about a child. How happy will your child be to know that they are a special part of your life? You can make a birthday wish jar and put small letters in it complimenting them or telling them how they add beauty to your life. This will make them feel very special.

Or if you’re throwing a birthday party, you can make everyone at the party write a small message for the birthday girl/boy. After the party is over, sit with your child and let them enjoy the blessings of others. Alternatively, you can also blow up many balloons and write messages on them.

2. Special wake-up call

Mornings are the most difficult part. To wake your kid up is a daunting task for you as well as your child. But what if we make their birthday morning special? You can start simply by singing the happy birthday song and hugging your child. This will keep them smiling for the rest of the day. As they wake up, you can also take them down memory lane by showing them their baby pictures.

One more thing to do is that after they sleep the previous night, you can decorate their room or doorway with balloons, streamers, happy birthday tags, or pictures. This way when they open their eyes, they’ll be all surprised with the magic that happened last night.

3. Let them decide the food

Food is the direct way to the heart. If you ask a child what they want to do on their birthday, they’ll answer they want to play all day long and eat their favorite food. The child can itself take care of the playing part. But you can help them decide on the food.

The breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner- let all meals be of his choice. Even the cake! You’ll see your child jump with joy when he has his favorite food right on his plate for every single meal.

4. Make a birthday card

You will decorate your house or the place where you’re celebrating your child’s birthday. But what does your child do on your birthday to make you feel special? He prepares a birthday card. So, try doing the same thing for your child to reciprocate their love.

This will make them feel that you love and care for them with the same intensity as theirs. Write special messages and decorate the card. You can also draw a little picture of your child or stick his photos.

5. Treasure hunt

If you don’t want to keep it easy and let your child wander a bit, play treasure hunt. Hide all the gifts you have bought and make easy clues for each gift. Let your child take help of the clues and find the gifts from the hidden places.

This way they’ll be happy about the gifts and that they successfully found them. Among the many gifts, make sure to include a cubby house online. Your child is going to love a creative space of its own.

Over to you…

Apart from all these ideas, you can always ask your child how they want to celebrate their special day. All these ideas will make them feel magical and blessed throughout the day and you’ll be satisfied to see the ever-shining smile on their face.

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