Save Your Moneys: 3 Easy Ways To Get Lower Electric Bills

Are you strapped for cash? Sadly during this pandemic, most of us are struggling, and with fewer jobs than ever before, how do you make sure you are saving money? But Covid-19 should be a wake-up call for the way you consume energy.

Our energy bills are one way that we can decrease our overall spending. So how do you lower electric bills?

Here’s everything you need to know about lower electric bills.

Lower Electric Bills

1. Install a Smart Metre

Although there is some debate about them, smart meters are the way forward for lower bills. Why? Because they offer you great metrics on what device is using the most amount of electricity.

They are also more accurate than the standard electricity meters. Another great feature is that you can check the data from your phone.

A smart home meter also makes installing smart home equipment easier such as heaters and air conditioners that can all be turned off or on from your phone or a smart speaker such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

Another way of conserving electricity is to generate your own through solar panels. With solar panel installers, it’s never been easy to get your house generating solar power for you.

2. Turn Off Hot Water Boiler If You Can

Do you have a hot water boiler? If you do then the chances are you like to keep this on all the time so you always have hot water at the drop of a hat. But this is not a great way for you to manage your energy consumption.

Instead, if you have a hot water boiler keep it off at all times. Only turn it on 15-20 minutes before you want to have a shower or a bath and make sure you turn it off again when you are finished. This is one of the best ways to lower electric bills.

3.  Work in Coffee Shops

This step might be a bit more difficult now that we are all working from home and it will depend on whether you are in a state that is enforcing a lockdown. But if you can try to get out for a socially distanced coffee, a great decision if you are wondering how do I  lower my electric bill?

This way you are not using up your electricity bill but are using the electricity in a coffee shop. Always have a good data package on your phone so you can turn your phone into a personal hotspot if the WiFi at the Coffee Shop is not that great.

If saving money is your game, you don’t want to end up eating out as this will negate the money you’ve saved on your electric bill. If you’re planning a full day sprint then be sure to bring a packed lunch.

How to Lower Electric Bills? Be Smart

If you want to know how to lower electric bills then be smart. Consider your own personal consumption. Work in coffee shops, turn off your hot water boiler, and get yourself a smart meter.

A smart meter can give you all kinds of metrics that you need to get on top of your energy consumption. For the first time, you can be aware of your energy use just by checking your phone.

If you are interested in learning more about how to lower electric bills be sure to check out gas companies georgia. They offer energy efficiency programs and incentives to help customers reduce their gas consumption and lower their energy bills.

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