Content writing is a highly paid skill in the freelance world. Content writers are charging handsome fees for providing quality pieces of content nowadays. Moreover, this skill is also required for students, authors, and researchers, in short for every person doing something in his life. Hence, improving contentwriting is not only necessary for content writers and students but is equally important to persons in every field.


To polish your skills in content writing multiple ways can be tried simultaneously. Such as content writing courses, reading and writing deliberately, consulting dictionaries/grammar guides, or using online tools.

For this post, we will be viewing the role of various online tools in enhancing different departments of content writing. So, stay tuned and get ready to rock the content.

How Online Tools Improve Writing Skills?

We will be discussing different online tools along with their services and utilities in content writing.

· Google Scholar Helps Research Work

Research is the ultimate crux of effective content writing. No one can generate a quality piece of content without proper research. Content without research might not be able to provide details or might make the reader confused. Therefore, Google Scholar is here to help out with your research work.

It is a dedicated search engine for research work. Google Scholar just has articles, blogs, and research papers on it. There is no false or gambling information over there that’s why it is trusted by most content writers and researchers. Moreover, it has all the information cited. So, there is very less chance of misleading content.

· Rephrasing Tool Help Making Content Unique

At some time in content writing, you may have stuck on a point or run out of words. It happens to every content writer due to an excessive amount of work. There is another possibility in which a paraphrasing tool can help you; when you have found a piece of content or paragraph somewhere that you want to use in your content. You can use it after paraphrasing because copy and pasting the exact words is a crime. Hence, to paraphrase online a rephrasing tool can help a lot.

paraphrase online

Paraphrasing online with a paraphrasing tool will help eliminate plagiarism and make the content unique. Online paraphrasing eases the change of words and sentences. Whereas manually changing the words and sentence structure may take a lot of time and effort.

An online paraphrasing tool uses AI and NLP to paraphrase the content which is why it is accurate and fast. In some paraphrasing tools, you can also alter the tone of the content. Moreover, it also makes sure to provide content with zero plagiarism. However, you should always check for plagiarism even after rephrasing content.

· Thesaurus Helps Enhancing Vocabulary

Thesaurus is another tool that can help you improve content writing. Vocabulary and the word bank are essential components of content writing. A content writer with a power bank of words can make his content unique and attractive. Hence, the thesaurus is a tool that can provide you with the latest and modern synonyms of every word provided to it.

every word provided

You just have to put the word in the thesaurus and hit enter, it will provide you with all available synonyms after finding them from its vast database. It can also tell you forms or verbs. Moreover, you can also compare three synonyms with each other and it will give you their definitions and usage in sentences.

Finding synonyms with a thesaurus can help improve your vocabulary, adjusting them in your content can make it attractive, and changing words with synonyms in a piece of plagiarized content can make it unique.

· Hemingway Editor Help Improving Readability

Hemingway Editor works as a content quality improver. It is an online tool that can tell you the flaws in your content regarding readability. This tool can detect the hard and long sentences that cause your content readability to decrease. It also provides suggestions like alternating adverbs and phrases.


Heming editor gives your content a grade according to its quality. Try to achieve a score lesser than 8. Content with a 10 grade or more needs to be improved. Passive voice sentences can also decrease the readability score. This tool can also detect passive sentences and suggest you convert them into active voice. You can also determine the number of words, letters, sentences, and reading time of your content.

· Plagiarism Checker Helps Find Similarity

Plagiarism can ruin all your content. It is considered bad and discouraged in every kind of content. As content is used in every field such as digital marketing, script writing, content marketing, advertisement, etc. Hence, you cannot afford plagiarized text. Checking for plagiarism is very important as the first step to removing plagiarism. To check plagiarism in your content a plagiarism checker can be used.

check plagiarism

After writing any sort of content, always check for plagiarism in it. To check plagiarism through a plagiarism checker tool, you just have to paste the text in it and hit the check or submit button. Online plagiarism checkers use AI and ML to read and match your text with a wide range of content available online.

A quality plagiarism checker can provide you with the exact percentage of copied text. It can either be intentional or accidental. Moreover, a plagiarism checker can give a report in which the sources of plagiarized text are mentioned. You can review those sentences or paragraphs and reword them to remove plagiarism.

Final Words

There are countless ways to improve your content writing skills. In this post, we have discussed the main and effective tools to improve your writing skills.

Some other tools that can help you are; grammar checkers, text summarizers, rewriting tools, etc. You can also try them for better results.

However, the following tools are more than enough to enhance writing skills:

  • Google Scholar (for research)
  • Paraphrasing tool (for removing plagiarism)
  • Hemingway Editor (to improve readability)
  • Thesaurus (to improve vocabulary)
  • Plagiarism checker (to detect plagiarism).

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