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The state government launched the esamajkalyan portal to help applicants from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Economically Backward Classes. Gujarat’s government would grant benefits to persons who are members of Scheduled Castes, Development Castes, or Socially and Economically Backward Castes. This portal will help them to apply for benefits without wasting time. It has the latest data on all government welfare schemes, helping sincere beneficiaries to get their claims processed quickly and easily.

Here is a glance at what you should know about the E Samaj Kalyan Portal: In order to benefit from government schemes, Scheduled Caste people can register themselves on this portal. They will then be able to avail of benefits from all departments of the state government The names of registered members of Scheduled Castes will be sent to the departments concerned so that they can start processing their claims Applications for registration on the portal can be submitted in Marathi or English.

esamajkalyan portal

What is ESamajKalyan Portal?

E Samaj Kalyan portal is an online application that enables Scheduled Caste people to register on the portal and submit their claims. This portal helps them to obtain information about government schemes and benefits. The benefits covered by this portal include pension, scholarships, interest subsidies, housing subsidies, and scholarships. The state government will process all eligible applications within 15 days.

How to register on the ESamajKalyan Portal?

Caste certificate/RC book of the applicant and a valid ID proof issued by the government are required to register on the portal. You can do this online or at any branch of the State Bank of India. You should have a valid email id and mobile number to register on this portal. After submitting your application, you will receive an automated message containing various details. Your information will be verified instantly through RTS-BPL and MIS software This verification process can take up to 12 days, after which you will receive an SMS or email notification regarding your application status.

Benefits of Registration on E Samaj Kalyan Portal

The benefits available by registering on this portal include Seats in the open category of schools. This portal includes open category seats in schools, scholarships for students, and jobs for the economically backward class. Scholarship to students based on the caste in which they are registered. Government jobs to Scheduled Caste people, who have registered themselves into their respective castes. A 100% subsidy for availing education services by a student belonging to the Scheduled Caste or an economically backward class. The applications can be submitted online via this portal itself. However, it is necessary that you mention your name and details such as age and caste in order to avail of benefits under these schemes.

esamajkalyan gujarat login more about

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “esamajkalyan login”, or “e samajkalyan login

Step 2: Click the login link given here

Step 3: Enter your Login ID and Enter your password, Captcha details and click the Login button and enjoy surfing.

Objectives of esamajkalyan Gujarat gov in Portal:

The common people will be able to easily apply for the benefits of government schemes. It would help in reducing the burden on government offices. The process would be simple and easy, without any hassle in obtaining the required documents. The general public will be able to access all government schemes and benefits online by visiting the e-Samaj Kalyan Portal. This will save them time and help them pursue their career.

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