6 Tips for taking care of your sapphire rings

Sapphire is a very precious gemstone that is widely loved by everyone for its high durability and gleaming beauty. Your precious sapphire rings can be from your wedding or any other special occasion that holds a special place in your heart. But unfortunately, this beautiful gemstone is not immune from dirt accumulation that makes it look dirty and dull. Hence, taking good care of your sapphire rings is very important if you want to keep their shine intact.

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In terms of hardness and durability, sapphire comes second to diamond. They are not prone to cracking or chipping, which makes them a very good choice for everyday wearing. However, it does get dirty because of all the dust accumulation. Many people go to gemologists or jewellery shops for regular cleaning of their rings. But everyone should know how to keep their rings clean and in good condition themselves.

Many companies like grewandco.com.au have an incredible collection of all types of sapphire, diamond, and other jewellery. Be it for men or women, and they have it all. But what’s the point if you don’t know how to take good care of lovely jewellery?

We have a guide just for you that will help you to keep your sapphire rings dazzling and sparkling forever. Let’s begin.

Using sapphire rings in daily life:

In spite of the fact that sapphire is a very tough gemstone, it is good for you to be careful while wearing sapphire rings in daily life. You should avoid wearing your ring while doing house chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, gardening, and so on. There’s a chance that different washing chemicals dull its sparkle. It can also get chipped or cracked without you knowing.

Cleaning your sapphire ring:

Sapphires rings are very easy to clean. You can simply clean it with lukewarm water with a little amount of any mild detergent. A toothbrush with soft bristles can be used for gentle scrubbing of your dirty sapphire ring. Do not forget to rinse the ring thoroughly, followed by drying it with a soft cloth. If you want deep cleaning, then simply soak your ring in warm water for at least 15 minutes.

Avoid harsh chemicals:

While applying make-up or during washing, avoid wearing your sapphire ring. Many harsh chemical substances such as chlorine, anti-static agents or moisturizers, can damage your ring. These can make your sapphire stone lose, and it might fall off the jewellery.

Storing sapphire rings:

Always store your sapphire ring in a separate piece of a jewellery box, away from your other pieces of jewellery. At the time of purchasing, you must have received a ring box for your ring. Try to keep it inside that box. the hardness of sapphire rings can cause it to scratches other stones, while it can also get scratched from others as well. Even after cleaning, wrap your ring in a jewellery cloth or a piece of muslin.

Protection from extreme conditions:

Always keep your sapphire rings ways from extreme temperatures, like direct sunlight or heat. A dry and cool place is always preferred for these rings. Also, make sure it does not come across sudden physical force or any kind of a jerk. It may severely damage your ring, causing its stone to wear or fall off.

Professional Supervision:

Your high-quality sapphire ring might need some professional cleaning and examination. For that, you should book an appointment with a gemologist or jewellery shop, get it checked at least once or twice a year. Other than cleaning, your ring might have some other issues that need to be examined, and a professional will be a huge help if your ring stone is loose or the metal is wearing off from any place.


Your precious sapphire ring may look tough, but to keep its dazzle and beauty intact for a long time, it needs extra care. Taking care of sapphire rings is not very difficult. A little care and some easy-to-do at-home steps are enough to keep your ring as new as ever. It is recommended to not use any cleaning chemicals on your ring if you do not have complete knowledge about them. You can always go to a professional gemmologist and get your ring cleaned up.

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