Different Usages for Vacuum Pumps

Laboratory and industrial equipment do not come cheap as most of them are used for heavy-duty tests. One of the widely used materials is vacuum pumps. Both scientists and engineers have continuously found the need to use vacuum pumps for several experiments and industrial applications.

There are several types of laboratory vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, scroll vacuum pumps, and the hybrid vacuum pump, which is a combination of the first two kinds. You might be wondering why there exist several types of vacuum pumps.

To help you learn about laboratory vacuums, here are the different usages for this equipment.

Different Usages for Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps in the Laboratory Setting

Vacuum pumps are a staple in laboratory settings. It is necessary for basic chemical processes and thus is vital for getting the best and accurate results in experiments.


Vacuum pumps common usage is to be a filtration system. Usually, rotary vane vacuum pumps are the best kind for filtration as it has the necessary air filters required to remove small particles. To do basic filtration, you only need to have a filter paper and a vacuum pump.

Freeze drying

Freeze drying is a multi-process system that is usually known as a dehydration process. It helps in removing acids and other organic solvents from liquids and other materials. To do this process, you will need to accompany the vacuum pump with a freeze dryer.


The suction of vacuum pumps is necessary for the process called aspiration. It is technically the removal of any liquid, gas, or other debris from a material. This process can usually be found after centrifugation and requires a pump that has a broad range of suction powers.

Rotary Evaporators

It is a common misconception that laboratory vacuum pumps are all about suction. You can also evaporate liquids by the combination of heat and vacuum pumps. By placing the chemical or material in a vessel, you can apply heat while using the vacuum pump to reduce the pressure, thus evaporating the liquid quickly.

Industrial Application of Vacuum Pumps

In the technical aspect, vacuum pumps are also widely used. Even at your own home, it is currently working, such as in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In its industrial application, vacuum pumps are widely regarded in removing air or gas from a particular vessel.

Production of vacuum tubes

Vacuum tubes are necessary for the flow of electricity. The vacuum pump removes unwanted air particles in the vessel, thus creating a vacuum inside the container. It is essential in controlling electrons, and therefore, its first usages were that of the production of electric lamps.

Print Presses

On another note, vacuum pumps are necessary for the production of newspapers and magazines. Suction is essential to separate another without breaking it. Paper is generally fragile, which is why it requires the help of a vacuum pump charged with the right amount of suction power for it not to break. Vacuum pumps make the division of paper much efficient and quicker.

Vacuum pumps are a top-tier equipment

No matter what industry you go, vacuum pumps are essential. Even in medical applications, its usage extends to radiotherapies and radiosurgery. For that reason, it is necessary to know the different uses of vacuum pumps so that you can make use of it as much as you can.


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