Phoebe Adele Gates Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, and Lesser Known Facts

Phoebe Adele Gates was born on September 14th in 2002, in Medina, Washington, to billionaire, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. Being a spoon-fed child Phoebe was always been part of discussion and spotlight. She is the youngest child and shares siblinghood along with two others, an elder sister named Jennifer Katharine Gates and an elder brother named Rory John Gates.

phoebe adele gates

Phoebe Adele Gates Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, and Lesser Known Facts

Real NamePhoebe Adele Gates
Date of BirthSeptember 14, 2002
Birth PlaceMedina, Washington, USA
Age17 Years Approx ( Aug 2020 )
Height5 Feet 1 in
EducationProfessional Children's School, The Juilliard School
Known For Bill Gates Daughter
FatherBill Gates
MotherMelinda Gates
SiblingBrother - Rory John Gates
Sister - Jennifer Kathrine Gates
Net WorthN/A
Social MediaNot Available

Her upbringing

The life of Phoebe is not like other ones and she has in fact more private life even after being a celeb kid. She has studied at Professional children’s School in the Big Apple. But since the early spring of her life, she knew what she loves. So she got herself admitted in the Ballet classes and followed her passion. The school which she had joined was a famous one so basically her learning was full of learning and development. This is what even helped her in growing herself, although she was expected to choose the same path her father was following. But she believed in her work and risked but remained successful in it.

About Phoebe Adele Gates upbringing

Phoebe was not like another spoiled brat in fact; her upbringing was full of lessons and learning. Her parent used to take her on excursions to across the world about teaching poverty exists and we must value each other. There she developed her love towards participating in charity acts and her parents also announced that they would donate most of their wealth to the charities than their children. Phoebe Adele Gates parents said they are not giving them all of the money it is also part of their teaching that working hard for oneself is equally important.

Professional statistics –

Adele is one of the popular as the youngest child of the Billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. He is also one of the most riches and revolutionary people of the 21st century. Phoebe Adele is a media person and her estimated net worth is $10 million dollars in the year 2020. Currently, she is living at “Xanadu” 2.0 worth of $124 million with the complete technical facility. Her house includes everything a gym, swimming pool with an underwater sound system including a reception hall with a big store in their home library. Actually, Adele is a rare kid because she has learned so at an early age how to generate income and live her own life including many major lessons.

Some Lesser known facts about Phoebe Adele Gates

  • Phoebe is one of the professionally trained ballet dancers at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.
  • She is also part of several charitable activities and events which is organized by her parents, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.
  • Also, she is living a luxurious lifestyle but she is put to certain rules and regulations.
  • Her annual cost of school fees at Lakeside school is over $33,000.
  • She is also mentioned in the list of ‘World’s ten most powerful kid’ by wonder list.
  • Her father had also announced that his 99% fortune will be donated and only 1% will be given to his children.
  • At a very young age, she has learned to depend on herself because her parents had taken her on the excursion, where she has been given lessons about poverty. So since her early age, she has seen poverty and had exposure to realities.

Closer of her wealth, passion and lifestyle

So Adele is not an ordinary child who works to spend her money just in vain, her earning has purpose and meaning because she was exposed to things at such a tender age. This exposure also helped her in many of things in understanding about life and things. Also, Phoebe is very much interested in learning many of things such as ballet, computers and she beautifully worked on herself. Her lifestyle could be a lesson for many youngsters and those who really want to work upon themselves. Bill Gates, her father in himself is a fine example and now his daughter is also moving towards that. Her sibling Jennifer is an equestrian and she is thinking to take it further as her profession. Jennifer many times got compared with the daughter of Steve Jobs, Eve jobs and she is also an accomplished equestrian and student from Stanford.

Speciality of Adele

Being a child of Bill Gates all the eyes were on her but she truly justified those eyes, expectations and echoed beautifully via her work. It is said that Bill Gates has the most humble background and he has worked for both his attitude towards life and people. We all can witness beautifully the same way he has natured his daughters and taught much about life and the universe. And she has a message to give a young child.

“I know being at your age you might be looking for company, friends, foods and hang out and lots of pictures to post but believe me if you work upon on yourself. Everything at the end will come to you without looking for them and you will truly enjoy all of them instead of just enjoying”.

Her likes and dislikes

Phoebe is one of those kids who at an early age had started her excursion so it gave more exposure and understanding towards other things into life too. Besides other things, she loves swimming, snorkeling, ballet dance, skiing, paragliding, zip-lining, traveling, and go-carting. She loves burgers and ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ is her favorite book. This book has gifted too many of her friends and also kept aside her. She is truly involved in music, dancing, arts, and writing and that truly gives her satisfaction.

About her friend list

Well, phoebe says, she keeps herself busier in improving herself and that is where she has also learned about many other things,. As she is a truly creative person but that does not mean she does not hang out and her friend list completes with the names, Claudia Harnett, Blake Piggott, Hannah Pierce, Annette Lee, Norah Bunnell, Ava Pappas, Jake Taylor, Sophia Yee, and Rowan. Schwartz.

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