A Roof’s Aesthetic Impact on Your Home

Perhaps one of the largest elements of the exterior of a home is the roof, but many people don’t pay too much attention to it. They might not think about the color or style unless they’re getting ready to install a new roof on the home. When it is time for a new roof, it’s crucial to pick out the right one. Doing so can have a huge impact on how the home looks and whether it has a cohesive look that can add to the home’s value. 

Roof's Aesthetic

Choosing the Right Type of Roof

A part of what gives a roof the right look is the material it’s made of and how it’s installed. Traditional asphalt roofing colors are typically limited, but there are more options available today. It may be beneficial to start considering a metal roof for the home. Along with the benefits a metal roof can provide, it can offer a better look than other types of roofing and can be easier to keep in good shape, which will go a long way toward helping the roof continue to look great year after year. 

Picking Out a Color

Once the type of roof is chosen, it’s time to start picking out a color. If the entire home will be painted to give it a fresh new look, take the time to pick out the right exterior colors. From there, consider what roof colors will complement the home. Natural colors will look great on homes with warm, natural paint colors. If the home has brighter or bolder colors, the roof might look great if it’s black or another color that helps it stand out without detracting from the rest of the home. Trying out various samples can make it easier to find a color that matches the other colors on the exterior of the home. 

Mirroring Natural Elements

Another way to choose the right roof color is to consider the surrounding area. Those who live in a wooded area or one that’s surrounded by greenery will find that natural colors look best on the roof. Greens, tans, blues, reds, and other shades that naturally occur in the area can help the home blend in with its surroundings a little bit more. Those who live in a desert area or where there are more subdued colors in nature might find the roof looks better with deep reds, tans, and similar colors that are found nearby. When using nature for inspiration, still try to make sure the roofing color chosen works well with the rest of the home’s exterior

Keeping the Roof in Great Shape

Though the right color can help the home look amazing when the roof is initially installed, don’t forget about the long-term. Keeping the roof in great shape can help it continue to look fantastic for years, enhancing the overall look of the home and its value. Have a roofing inspection done regularly, even for a more durable metal roof, and have any repairs done as soon as issues are noticed to help keep the roof in excellent shape. 

Roofing options today come in a wide range of colors, especially if you opt for metal roofing. Take the time to consider what color will look best on your home, as this can help improve the home’s aesthetics and its value. 

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