Every muscular and physically healthy individual starts somewhere from the first step. They have to put their best to achieve a muscular and healthy body. Fortunately, you are also taking the first step in planning to workout and attain muscles. The whole workout and daily exercise routine might sound intimidating, but you will see promising results once started. The plethora of exercise material and diet plans can overwhelm a lot of beginners. Don’t worry; we cover you. If you are starting now, then you are in the right place. In this article, we share the beginner’s guide to attaining a muscular and healthy body. With that said, let’s get right into it.


The first step towards working out is to get ready both physically and mentally. You need to develop the mindset of pursuing muscular body goals and fitness. Many people are incredibly motivated and determined in the first place but instantly lose all interest. However, the right guide to the exercises and fitness routine can assist in getting in shape.

As per the professional’s recommendation, consult a doctor before starting the workout routine. Mainly, males aged 45 and women 55 must discuss their health status before going for the workout. Assessing the health condition will help you evaluate whether you are ready for the stress exercise or not.


The next step is to create a routine or plan for your workout sessions. Remember that attaining muscles require determination. Since the gyms are closed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, you will be working out mostly from home. With that, building a routine for exercise, diet, and rest becomes a lot easier. There is no need to think about the gym as you can get all kinds of equipment at home. Moreover, the gym is also an intimidating place to workout as a beginner. That, in turn, makes your house an ideal place to work out.

Always start with the small and basic exercises rather than going directly to the difficult ones. Instead of going fondling with the weight lifting, always do easy exercises. You can consider low impact exercise equipment like treadmills or exercise climbers to burn the excess fat of your body. This workout equipment does not require hard, sweaty exercise sessions. For the starters, make sure to add rest intervals in the exercise.


Apart from the plan and routine, exercise remains crucial for muscle growth. You must ensure a balance between exercise, diet, and rest routine. One of the most common mistakes that every beginner makes is to exercise vigorously to attain muscles. Doing this will not only exhaust you but will also damage your muscles. There is no need to go full “mission muscles” full day. But the specific sets of exercises can do the job for a healthier body.

Find a set of exercises that work best for you around the day. Make a plan for your whole week and workout with the rep range of 8-15. Take two days off from the workout to rest too.


While exercise might seem like 90% of the process, nutrition is also a significant factor for achieving healthy body goals. If you wonder why you are not gaining weight even with exercise, you might not be eating enough. Always ensure to consume enough proteins and vitamins to start healthy muscle growth. Your calorie intake might indeed add a few pounds of fat. However, it will also aid in strengthening the muscles during the exercise. You must eat the proper amount of nutrition to convert your workouts into better results.


Working out to building muscles might seem overwhelming at the start. But once you start doing it, the process becomes more interesting. The whole process boils down to exercise, good nutrition, and rest. As per professionals’ recommendations, always avoid smoking as it imposes harsh impacts on workout performance.

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