ncseculogin members guide – How to excess the account?

The ncseculogin Member access service is available for State employee credit union members. It allows them to access their accounts online and manage all available services. Moreover, the services are reliable, safe, and secure. It also provides updates and information regarding security issues and alerts that pertain to your accounts. Which is an easy-to-use online tool available 24/7. You will be able to securely access your accounts through a valid username and password when the member access website is closed for maintenance or if there’s some issue with the site.


What is an NCSECU?

SECU stands for State Employees Credit Union. NCSeculogin provides Member Access Services to over 235,000 members of the State Employees Credit Union or SECU. It is an online transaction system that you can use to access most account services, view account information, and make loan payments online 24 hours a day via personal computer and through the automated telephone system. If you are a SECU member who has a State of North Carolina assigned employee number you have access to Member Access Services. While credit union staff is available during normal business hours to assist, many transactions can be completed in minutes on your own.

What are the services provided by NCSECU?

NCSECU provides a full range of financial products, including over 400 no-fee checking accounts; six types of savings accounts; loans for anything from vacations to weddings; electronic banking, telebanking, and telephone banking services. Member Access Services provides you with access to your account balances, loan payment information, and detailed transactions.

How do ncseculogin?

ncseculogin members guide - How to excess the account?

You can log into Member Online Services by going to the SECU website ( and clicking on Member Online Services at the top of the page. You will see a block that contains a green bar, with your user ID and a field that asks for your password. Type your ID in the User ID box, type your password in the Password box, then click Login. If you have forgotten or misplaced your ID or Password contact Member Online Services for assistance.

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “ncseculogin”.

Step 2: Click the link

Step 3: Enter the user name and password and click submit.

Enjoy the surfing

ncseculogin Mobile access:

You can access your NCSECU accounts through the use of the internet, either with a computer or mobile device. The Member Services Mobile App provides convenient access to account information from your mobile device. The following services are available: Checking, Savings, and CD balances; loan balance information; making loan payments, transferring funds and viewing transaction history.

Mobile Banking is available for NCSECU checking accounts only. It provides secure, real-time access to checking accounts via Internet-capable cell phones or PDAs. Account balances and transactions are updated as they occur and can be viewed in a browser or downloaded to Excel via Comma Separated Value (CSV) data file format.

Final Verdict:

An online service for your credit union. It provides you with a secure way to check your account balances, make payments and track loan payments. It also offers you access to other services such as a teller line and electronic banking on the internet 24/7. The access is free, but it is available only with a valid member number.

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