3 Ways Providers Can Prevent Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is a serious crime that costs the US billions of dollars every year. Being investigated for fraud can be extremely damaging to healthcare organizations and result in substantial fines. Being found guilty of fraudulent activity can also lead to criminal proceedings and incarceration in some circumstances. Healthcare providers must, therefore, be vigilant when it comes to their processes and take steps to ensure compliance. With this in mind, here are three ways providers can prevent healthcare fraud:

Prevent Healthcare Fraud

1. Learn the relevant regulations

It is uncommon for healthcare providers to take part in healthcare fraud deliberately. Often, fraud investigations are the result of human error and accidental omissions. That being said, healthcare providers are responsible for ensuring that accurate records are maintained; genuine mistakes can still result in disciplinary action and serious penalties. To avoid this, healthcare providers must possess a thorough understanding of healthcare laws and understand the regulations that govern their work. Make sure you are aware of any acts that could potentially amount to healthcare fraud, for instance, engaging in illegal kickbacks to boost profitability. According to experts at Xtelligent Healthcare Media, other examples of healthcare fraud include billing for medical services that are unwarranted and prescribing unnecessary medications to patients. You can find more information on what amounts to fraudulent activity by referring to health care fraud definition – Healthcare Fraud Group llc.

2. Create an effective compliance program

One of the simplest strategies to eliminate healthcare fraud is by creating an effective compliance program. You should develop various written policies and procedures that demonstrate your commitment to compliance and fraud prevention. Your compliance program should focus on high-risk areas such as the billing department and insurance claims management. You should also consider hiring a healthcare compliance manager that will be responsible for overseeing and managing compliance efforts. They will also be tasked with conducting regular risk assessments and taking action to strengthen vulnerabilities within your systems and processes. Having a detailed compliance program is highly recommended for all healthcare providers and is required by some insurance companies before providing cover. Overall, having a compliance program helps protect providers against the risk of healthcare fraud and ensures that government regulations are being followed in the workplace.

3. Install fraud detection technology

There is now an excellent variety of fraud detection technology that can help providers uncover suspicious behavior and identify fraudulent activity. For example, fraud detection software can be installed to monitor insurance claims and notify managers of suspicious patterns. Identifying fraudulent activity at an early stage allows providers to be proactive with fraud prevention and deal with any potential compliance issues before they can develop into something more serious.

Final thoughts 

Healthcare fraud is a serious threat to healthcare professionals and organizations. Only a minority of fraud cases are the result of dishonest healthcare professionals. However, many individuals and organizations are investigated for fraud due to accidental errors or omissions. Healthcare facilities must acknowledge the risks and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance and minimize the risk. Use the above suggestions to help detect and prevent healthcare fraud within your workplace.

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