Why Bright Pops of Colour Will Elevate Your Bedroom Decor In 2023

Blue, green, yellow, and lilac are the best colors to paint your bedroom in 2023.  Bright colors such as this help to add energy to a room and they are also ideal if you want to emphasize the space that you have.

Bedroom Decor In 2023

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If you want to decorate your bedroom this year, then vibrant yellow is a solid color choice. Consider incorporating yellow wall art or having a single statement wall. If you want to stop the color from being too overwhelming, then it is wise for you to balance it out elsewhere in the room. Using calming colors, such as oatmeal or pale gray work very well. The great thing about incorporating yellow is that if your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, then yellow can mimic sunshine, making the space you have, feel more expansive.


Blue is often thought of as being calming and somewhat serene. This is why it’s going to be a huge color for 2023. By incorporating lighter shades of blue in combination with darker shades, you can then create a dramatic scene that will make your bedroom stand out. You can also pair a sophisticated blue tone with a more neutral color if you want to balance things out a bit. If you want to go for something incredibly stylish then why not opt for periwinkle? This color is great as it has hints of violet. Brighter shades can also be added through cushions, home accessories, and bed linen. Growing evidence has linked a good night’s sleep to better productivity and overall well-being. Blue is the best color for providing soothing and restorative qualities, so be mindful of that when decorating your home in 2023.


If you want to opt for something a little brighter, then why not go for green? Green is a great color as it can help you to feel more energized. Try and mix this with some soft, neutral tones if you want to stop the color from being as overwhelming. Studies have shown time and time again that green is ideal if you want to lift your mood. You can incorporate this color through the use of plants, or you can paint your walls green if you want. Try and add some wood tones, too, such as oak shelves or bedside tables.


Another bold color for 2023 would be lilac. The great thing about lilac is that you can balance it out by using darker shades of purple. You can also add yellow, which is mentioned above, as a complementary color. Colors such as lilac can have a very positive impact on your mood, and the subtle shade isn’t too overpowering either. Lilac can help a room to feel much more expansive, and it also adds a nice pop of color to the bedroom, which is otherwise seen as quite a boring or dull part of the home. Why not see if this is the color for you today by giving it a go?

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