Water Soluble CBD: Everything You Need to Know Before Trying

In an industry as fast-changing as CBD, it can be hard to separate hype from true innovation. When it comes to water-soluble CBD, however, it quickly becomes clear, this new method of cannabidiol delivery couldn’t be hyped enough. This is because water-soluble CBD takes all of the key benefits of a regular cannabidiol regime and further enhances them. At the same time, water-soluble CBD can negate some cannabidiol flaws many regular users will be familiar with.

Water-soluble CBD harnesses the power of nanotechnology to break down cannabidiols into minute particles via emulsification. By doing so, CBD can become more easily absorbed into water and thus by the body. This is the same method used to make many popular CBD powders and drinks.

Interested in learning more about water-soluble CBD? Be sure to stick around as, below, we will detail the science behind water-soluble CBD, what to look for when choosing a product, and one of our favorite options for everyone to consider. So, let’s dive right into the science of water-soluble CBD, next!

Water Soluble CBD

The Science Behind Water-Soluble CBD

We all know water and oil don’t mix, so how exactly does water-soluble CBD oil work? The technology that makes water-soluble CBD possible is the result of some cutting-edge scientific developments, namely nanotechnology.

You see, scientists have discovered that they can use nanotechnology to shore up one of CBD’s only shortcomings, a comparative lack of bioavailability. But what exactly is nanotechnology and how can it help cannabidiols achieve greater bioavailability?

Nanotechnology is the scientific study and engineering of particles at the nano-level, a measure that works at a scale thousands of times smaller than the width of a single human hair. By emulsifying CBD oil to this scale, nanotechnology helps make it more bioavailable, or readily absorbed, by the body’s bloodstream. This is because the CBD can now be carried by water instead of oil which is naturally better utilized by the body.

Of course, there are a lot of brands out there today that are pushing products that they claim use the above process when they don’t. So, how can you be assured that you are getting the best possible water-soluble CBD product? It isn’t always easy, but we’ve compiled the following list to help guide you through the process.

What to Look for in a Water-Soluble CBD Product

With the marketing hype around this type of CBD reaching epic proportions, there are a few key facts that can help certain water-soluble products stand out from the rest of the pack.

  • Has the CBD been emulsified to become water-soluble? This may seem like a basic point, but many different brands market their products as true-water soluble CBD without taking the proper steps to actually make it true, such as nano-emulsification. If your CBD maker doesn’t use microencapsulation, you aren’t getting the best possible product.
  • Are other key ingredients emulsified? Some water-soluble CBD formulas will use secondary ingredients, if those associate ingredients aren’t also water-soluble, you likely aren’t receiving their full benefit.
  • Use of Wholesome Formulas: Besides making sure that ingredients are truly water-soluble, one of the most important things to look out for is the overall quality of what goes into your CBD products.

How to Correctly Dose Water Soluble CBD

One aspect that intimidates a lot of CBD newbies is how to best ensure that you are getting a proper dose of cannabidiol. There can be some guesswork involved when using less exacting or uniform methods. Luckily, this is less of a concern when using individually packaged drink mixes, each pouch will have powder with a certain amount of CBD in it—no more, no less—simply combine this with water or another beverage and enjoy!

If you are brand-new to CBD and concerned about where to start with dosing in general, it is best to try any new products incrementally. Start with as small a dose as possible and wait at least an hour to fully judge effects. Slowly ramp up the amount of CBD that you are taking until you feel the sense of relief that you are looking for.

And if you are taking a powdered water-soluble CBD supplement, it is important to note that such mixes were designed to be used with a liquid and will be too concentrated if ingested straight and dry.

The Best Water-Soluble CBD for 2022

Now that we know more about water-soluble CBD and how it works, let’s take some time to highlight one of our favorite options in the water-soluble space. There are a lot of ways to consume water-soluble CBD, but by far the most popular method is via powdered drink mix. It is in this vein that you’ll find our top water-soluble CBD pick below.

Joy Organics – Joy Nutrition: Premium CBD Energy Drink

After recently undergoing a reformulation, this water soluble CBD from Joy Organics’ supplement label, Joy Nutrition, is a great alternative for those that want a pre-or post-workout boost without any unneeded sugars or artificial flavors. Quite the opposite, in fact, as this energy drink mix has tons of beneficial supplemental vitamins and nutrients to help boost CBD’s natural homeopathic powers.

In addition, each batch is independently screened for toxins, pesticides, lead, and, most importantly to many, THC—and is certified to be free of all the above.

And the best part? Each packet contains a jolt of caffeine so you can have the energy you need to get things done and, thanks to the centering power of CBD, you can be balanced and calm while you work. And whether you’re an athlete or a scholar, the ability to help both the body and mind focus makes this CBD product uniquely versatile.

We’re Always Here to Help!

To sum things up, water-soluble CBD is more of a true technological innovation than a passing craze. By utilizing the latest scientific breakthroughs, CBD can now be manipulated to be more readily absorbed by the body. The only downside is finding water-soluble CBD that adheres to best practices. For those that are unsure where to start, our recommended product above is a good jumping-off point.

Have more questions about water-soluble CBD? Is there another water-soluble cannabidiol option that you think we should know about? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are more than happy to assist you no matter where in the CBD buying process you may be.

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