Top Treat Ideas for Your Dog for Good Health

You might give your dog treats to say “good job” when they are obedient or as a way to distract them. Another great reason is to keep them happy and in good health. If you aren’t sure what to give your dog, the list below provides a range of options.

Dog Good Health

Jerky Treats

Choose from multiple brands and flavors, including chicken and beef. But be sure to do your homework on the one you’re thinking of buying to make sure it does not contain grains or gluten.

Check the ingredient list on the package to make sure you get all-natural jerky treats so that your dog doesn’t get sick from eating them. Remember that no matter what snack you choose, the goal is to avoid fillers and artificial flavors for the health of your fur pal.

Steak Bites

Many people consider a steak dinner to be a satisfying meal, and now you can share the delicious experience with your four-legged friend. Steak bites specifically designed for dogs are a great way to do so.

As with the jerky treats, look for ones that are of high quality. The steak bite dog treats from have delicious bacon and cheese taste, and they also offer many health benefits.

These chews also contain hemp oil, which can calm your dog’s mind during a stressful time. Plus, the hemp oil has omega fatty acids, which are known for being heart-healthy and can ease arthritic pain. The puppy treats are THC-free, which means that they won’t give a dog a mental “high.”

Homemade Choices

Another option is to make your treats. If you’re stuck for ideas, try peanut butter popsicles, especially on warm days when your doggy is feeling exceptionally warm.

Another healthy option is to include pumpkin which is high in vitamin A. The fiber-rich pumpkin you are giving the dog is good for their digestive process. Once you’ve made these delicious delights, you can take them out for the pup at any time or keep them in the freezer for next season.

Alternatively, consider slicing up apples to give to your fur child as a snack. This fruit is a great source of fiber and doubles as a breath freshener for dogs.

Final Words on Dog Treats

As you think about what snacks to give your canine, keep in mind that moderation is key. Giving them too much of any food can increase your pet’s weight and make them obese, just like with humans.

Also, don’t just look at price when deciding what food to give your animal. It is worth getting your dog what’s healthy to avoid pricy vet bills later and to provide them with a quality life.

Furthermore, providing treats in excess can make your dog expect them all the time, causing potential behavioral problems or disobedience. Thus, it’s best to limit snacks as part of your responsibility as a dog owner to keep them in the best health possible.


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