Signs that Show that You Need an Eye Exam

It’s strongly advisable to make health checks annually, but not everyone does them. It’s of crucial importance to do that in order to stay on top of your health and catch any illnesses right on time. But how many of you really schedule your exams and do all of the checkups that should be done every year?

Are you one of those who do all of the blood tests but neglect checking your vision? Getting your annual eye exam is very important too since almost 60% of the world’s population needs vision correction. If you are not sure whether to make an appointment, read the signs that may signal that you should call your eye doctor today. Before you pick up the phone check out the

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Eye Exam

● You find it difficult to see at night

If you find it hard to see nearby objects at night, you may be developing cataracts, so make sure you get your eyes checked immediately.

● You have blurred vision

Blurry vision can occur from time to time if you are dehydrated and if you don’t rest your eyes. If it persists anyway, check your vision and see whether you are having farsightedness or nearsightedness. Astigmatism may be a possibility too.

● You have troubles adjusting from dark to light

Is it hard for you to adjust your sight on the motorway when you see lights?

● You have difficulty looking at the computer monitor

Working constantly on the computer may be hard, but you definitely need a checkup if you can’t read what’s on the monitor.

● You have diabetes

There are a number of illnesses that may affect your eye vision, so if you have diabetes make sure you check your vision more often.

● You can’t remember when your last eye check was

This is definitely one of the signs that signal it’s time for a checkup.

● You have frequent headaches

Your headaches may be signaling you that you are developing some eye condition.

● You have double vision

Although there are many jokes with double vision, the condition is not a joke at all. Schedule your exam to see whether you need an eye correction or a treatment.

● You see halos around objects

If you have noticed that you are seeing halos around objects lately, you may be developing cataracts or you are having other vision problems. This may be especially pronounced at night.

● Your eyes are dry, red and painful

If your eyes hurt and they are red and dry, it means it’s time for an investigation by your healthcare provider.

To Sum Up

If you have troubles with anything mentioned above, it means that you should make an appointment and do an eye check as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your condition to become more complicated!

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